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Let Countdown To Eurovision’s Party Week Begin!

eurovision party week

It’s Eurovision party week! The world’s biggest song contest may be cancelled this year, but that does not mean its not all doom and gloom in the Eurovision-sphere. The show must go on and it will. Turn your lounge room into a Eurovision stage as we highlight the events happening this week to celebrate the […]

Eurovision To Shine A Light All Week On SBS

eurovision shine a light

The stars have aligned for Eurovision fever to sweep the country in May. Many tears may have streamed down the faces of avid fans with the unfortunate cancellation of the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. But as they say, after rain comes a rainbow and the Eurovision Gods are delivering just that with the […]

Why Australia Deserves To Be In Eurovision

australia eurovision

Let our Eurovision-obsessed writer count the ways… “Why is Australia in Eurovision?” I always meet this question with a sigh. Not a sigh of “do I have to answer this again?”, more of an exacerbated response, one that is filled with excitement, to discuss the reasoning behind Australia’s inclusion in the world’s biggest song contest […]