10 Australian Travel Podcasts To Satisfy Your Wanderlust

10 Australian Travel Podcasts To Satisfy Your Wanderlust

australian travel podcasts

Be a world away from it all with these uniquely Australian travel podcasts.

Put the earbuds in and be whisked away on the next adventure. Here we list some of Australia’s best travel podcasts to transport you from your lounge room to the Australian desert and beyond.

1. Off Track, by Ann Jones

Off Track doesn’t sound distinctly Australian solely due to the Australian accents: the podcast focuses on the distinctive sounds of the Australian Outback, featuring native bird calls, crickets and the rustle of gum trees. Transport yourself into the Australian wilderness by listening to the Earworms from planet earth XI episode, where you can hear the sounds of Australia as recorded by listeners across the country.

2. Talking Australia, by Australian Geographic

Talking Australia shares the stories of Australia’s most inspiring explorers, conservationists and adventurers. Listen as they take you on a journey around the magnificent country and discuss their extremely important preservation efforts. Each week the podcast features intimate conversations with extraordinary Australians. Favourites include Australian icon Costa Georgiadis on building connections with the earth and the adventure of paddling the Murray River

3. The Pass, by Sam Kennedy, Magdalena Roze, and Jeanine Bribosia

The podcast for those with a healthy appetite.

One of Australia’s favourite food podcasts, The Pass is an insider’s guide to the best food, restaurants and eating experiences, locally and around the world, chosen by the experts themselves. Foodies can hear from chef and restaurateur Kylie Kwong as she shares her spiritual approach towards life and cooking, as well as one of Australia’s most renowned chefs Matt Moran shares his favourite local in Sydney’s Eastern Beaches in his episode. While you’re listening, if you are in the area of any of the restaurants featured on the podcast make sure you check them out online to see if they are offering takeaway options – an order with these loved restaurants will help to ensure they keep afloat.

4. All the Best, by FBi Radio

All The Best is a podcast where ‘regular’ Aussies take centre stage and practice Australia’s pastime: storytelling. Episodes cover everything from how the Australian Wallabies Rugby Union team used theatre workshops to improve their game, to what it’s like living on Goat Island amongst the crocodile-infested Adelaide River in the Northern Territory!

5. AWAYE!, by Daniel Browning

AWAYE! presents the diverse and vibrant Aboriginal arts and culture from across Australia, and the best from Indigenous radio broadcasters around the world. Tune in to learn about modern Indigenous Australian writing, art and media – brimming with imaginative vitality and political earnestness.

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10 Australian Travel Podcasts To Satisfy Your Wanderlust
Source: Elice Moore on Unsplash

6. Travelling Across Australia by Train, by Phoebe Smith

Let a train ride put you to sleep.

Australia’s Red Centre hosts some of the most charismatic wildernesses in the world. The Ghan is one of Australia’s most historic railways and unquestionably the most comfortable way to see this magical part of the country. Travelling Across Australia was created for the sleep and meditation app Calm. In the podcast, Phoebe recreates the experience of cosying up on The Ghan and taking in the breathtaking scenery of the Australian desert for listeners (without them ever having to leave their beds). Pair your listening with a cup of tea and thank us later. 

7. An Australian Adventure, by Phoebe Smith  

Another addition to ‘extreme sleeper’ Phoebe Smith’s ‘Sleep Stories’ is the non-fiction tale An Australian Adventure. The podcast lets narrator Bindi Irwin from Australia Zoo take listeners on an enchanting adventure, from rainforest to reef, exploring the wildlife of Australia. This might be parents’ answer to wide-awake children way past their bedtime! 

8. Australian Hiker, by Tim and Gill Savage

What trail will you trek next?

Australian Hiker shares practical instructional guides and honest hiking experiences around Australia. Listeners will be inspired to test out the tips to keep engaged with the outdoors and start planning their next adventure. Some favourites includeThe Overland Track: Expectations vs Reality, and Kangaroo Island Wilderness trail; Interviews from the Trail.

9. Flight of Fancy, by Ben Groundwater

Is Australia the perfect travel destination? What shocks first-time visitors to Australia? These questions are answered on Australian travel journalist Ben Groundwater’s Flight of Fancy podcast. Each week Ben interviews travel professionals to talk about all things travel and share their thirst for seeing the world.

10. Lunchtime Conversation Series, by The Australian Museum

Learn while lunching with The Australian Museum’s Lunchtime Conversation Series. The series features a selection of distinguished Australians sharing insights into the inspiration behind their ground-breaking contributions, which have helped define the nation across science, politics, sport and the arts. Francheska Cubillo on Albert Namatjira (with Tracey Holmes) offers insights into the Hermannsburg Movement, the artist’s magnificent painting and enduring legacy. All episodes reflect exhibits within the museum so you can feel like you’re on a virtual tour.

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