Airline review: Vietjet Business Class, affordable luxury

Business class travel without the usual price tag.

Airline review: Vietjet Business Class, affordable luxury

Business class travel without the usual price tag.
Vietjet Business Class

Flight details

Vietjet VJ086 Business Class flight from Sydney to Ho Chi Minh.

Departure time: 10:15 am

Arrival time: 4:30 pm

The airline

Vietjet, the low-cost Vietnamese airline, is making waves in Australia with its recent foray into the market. Known for its affordable flights and youthful spirit, Vietjet has begun to connect the dynamic landscapes of Vietnam with various Australian cities. This expansion marks a significant milestone for the airline, as it seeks to bridge the gap between the two culturally rich nations. With routes that include major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth, Vietjet is not just offering a travel option, but an invitation to explore the hidden gems and culture of Vietnam.

The airline’s introduction to Australia has been met with enthusiasm, especially among the younger demographic, who eagerly seek new and exciting travel experiences. Vietjet’s modern fleet and engaging in-flight services cater perfectly to this audience, providing a blend of comfort and adventure. 

To celebrate the launch of their flights from Australia, we embarked on a business-class trip to Vietnam to experience the airline first-hand and spend a week exploring some of the best attractions in the country. More to come on the experiences in Vietnam soon.


Navigating your way through the chaos of any large international airport can be taxing at the best of times, from navigating your way through the security checks to the large crowds of people that can bring feelings of anxiety to even the calmest of travellers. Both airports in Sydney and Ho Chi Minh were no different, although Ho Chi Minh sees considerably more travellers pass through its gates every month. 

Flying business class made navigating the check-in process so much easier. The convenience of jumping to the front of the queue at each point is worth the ticket price by itself.

The luggage allowance on the flight, both checked and carry-on, was more than even the heaviest of packers could ever want. We usually pack heavier than most with a combination of photographic equipment and being prepared for exploring everything from hiking trails to snorkelling hotspots. We jam-packed our July luggage set which still didn’t come close to reaching the allowance. The peace of mind in knowing that you can take almost as many changes of clothes and shoes as you like makes packing a breeze. 

Overall, the check-in experience and navigating the airport in both cities was a pleasant experience. The airline had airport lounges in both cities accessible by business class passengers. Once checked in and through security, all that was left to do was sit in the lounge and enjoy a glass of wine while waiting for the flight to board.

The flight

Vietjet Business Class

Once on board and seated, you instantly get the feeling that won’t ever want to fly Economy class again. All business class passengers have a seat that reclines into a flatbed, giving you full flexibility into how you enjoy your flight. 

The business class cabin follows a 2-2-2 format resulting in more than enough room for most passengers. There are also plenty of storage nooks on both sides of the seat where you can hold items like your water bottle, headphones, laptop, or any other small items you’d like to have close by. 

Vietjet Business Class

Early into the flight, we were offered a menu to peruse for the two meals we’d be served while on board. Unlike most plane food, there was a good selection of dishes you’d expect to see at a traditional Vietnamese street food vendor. I chose the banh mi as the main meal and, surprisingly, it ranked as one of the best meals of the trip — not something that would usually be said about a meal on a flight.   


Vietjet offers a luxury experience at an affordable price. If you’re considering a trip to Vietnam either solo or with your partner, then splashing out a little bit extra and flying business class is worth the investment.

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