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11 Most Haunted Hotels In The World

Sleep with one eye open.

11 Most Haunted Hotels In The World

Sleep with one eye open.
haunted hotels - fairmont banff springs

Got a thing for the supernatural and paranormal? You’ve probably thought to tick some famous haunted hotel stays off your travel list.

Whether you’re a true believer or a skeptic, there’s no denying the numerous rumours and stories that have been circulating over the years from some of these haunted halls from a lady dressed in grey to a murderous doctor, dancing bride, and blonde bombshell celebrity – take it all as you will.

If you’re not afraid of things going bump in the night, we’ve found 11 of the most haunted hotels in the world for only the bravest of travellers.

1. Grove Park Inn, North Carolina

haunted hotels - grove park inn

First opened in 1913, Grove Park Inn rivaled even the finest hotels when it stepped onto the scene and instantly gained popularity, and it’s said one particular guest never left.

The Pink Lady has been reported wandering the halls of the Inn for nearly one hundred years, but don’t be alarmed – she’s more on the friendly side. To this day her identity remains unknown, but legend has it she was wearing a pink gown at the time of her death when she fell from the balcony. 

Various guests and staff have reported encountering the Pink Lady’s practical jokes and pranks, such as light switches being turned on and off, doors opening and closing, or a rather strange habit of tickling the feet of sleeping guests. She is usually spotted in the form of pink mist or sometimes seen as a young woman in a pink ball gown, and is usually more likely to appear for children. 

2. The Russell Hotel, Australia

most haunted hotels in the world - The Russell Hotel, Australia

Probably the most haunted hotel in Australia, stories of creaking floorboards, dropping temperatures, and uneasy feelings are not uncommon from guests staying here. 

The Russell Hotel was built on grounds that once played home to the Convict’s Hospital, where many were treated during the bubonic plague in Sydney. The building has also been used as a hostel for sailors, where rumour has it they could find themselves some company for the night. 

Though there are multiple sightings, room 8 seems to be reported for creepy happenings the most often. It was occupied by a sailor who was allegedly murdered in the room by a prostitute many years ago, and he’s said to manifest only to lone women by appearing at the foot of the bed and startling them. 

3. Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Canada

haunted hotels - fairmont banff springs
Source: Nathan Lee Alan

The exterior of Banff Springs Hotel is undoubtedly grand and inviting, but the popular vacation spot has allegedly set the scene for numerous murders, suicides, and accidents over its time.

There are a few ghosts reported by guests to be roaming the halls, but one of the more active is the famous bride. Whispered about by locals and haunted hotel fanatics, the bride is said to have lost her life on the staircase while all decked out in her wedding gown after either tripping or brushing up against a candle. She is often sighted still wearing her gown dancing in the ballroom, and even has her own stamp and coin. 

Sam the Bellman is also a popular phantom resident, with many guests telling stories of the old hotel bellman appearing in uniform and offering help to carry bags or turn on room lights. 

4. Stanley Hotel, Colorado

Fans of Stephen King will be very familiar with this particular Colorado hotel. 

The famous writer and his wife stopped in for a night in 1974, and after a scarily realistic nightmare in which he saw his young son being chased down the hotel’s corridors by a possessed fire hose he woke drenched in sweat and later forming the foundation of his third novel The Shining.

There are also hotel guests and staff accounts of hearing disembodied voices, being touched by something or someone they can’t see, and other unexplainable occurrences.

5. The Langham Hotel, London

If you ask locals what the most haunted hotel in London is, you’ll find this to be the answer 99% of the time. 

The paranormal buzz that’s got visitors talking comes from room 333, where only the bravest of ghostbusters dare to check-in. The legend goes that a doctor murdered his newlywed wife in the room before taking his own life, and reports of him haunting it in his military-style jacket have been heard over the years. 

The England cricket team also made article headlines back in 2014 when they reported strange happenings during their stay here. 

6. Dragsholm Castle, Denmark

haunted hotels - dragsholm castle
Source: @dragsholmslot

There’s a lot of dark history surrounding this castle in Denmark, first built as a palace in the year 1215. 

It’s rumoured to have some 100 ghosts roaming the halls, so if you’re looking for a spooky experience you’ve hit the paranormal jackpot. Three of these phantoms are more famous than the rest though, including Earl of Bothwell, the Lady in White, and the Grey Lady.

James Hepburn (The Earl) was chained up as a prisoner in the castle and left to die, reportedly going insane in the process, and his ghost is frequently seen on horse-drawn carriage. The Lady in White is believed to be the ghost of Celina Bolves, the daughter of a powerful noble who fell in love with a commoner in the castle and was put to chained up here death by her father because of it – she now is seen roaming the halls appearing to be looking for someone. The Grey Lady is a much happier spirit, and used to be a maid working in the castle. Now, she is extremely helpful, doing good deeds and protecting the castle.

7. Taj Mahal Palace, India

The opulent, waterfront hotel may be beautiful, but it has had a turbulent past.

Though the city’s most prized hotel, a deeper dive reveals historic stories of terrorism, death, and ghosts. There are a number of events that could be a recipe for paranormal activity, but one, in particular, earned this place its title as the most haunted hotel in Mumbai. 

The architect of the Taj Mahal Palace W.A Chambers committed suicide by jumping of the 5th floor after there was an error in the construction, and now it is claimed his spirit still roams the hotel to look after it, with rumour he even knocked a staff member unconscious who was attempting to steal precious silverware.

8. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, United States

haunted hotels - hollywood roosevelt

The glamorous Hollywood Roosevelt was more often than not home to the stars, and it’s known to still hold the spirit of a certain blonde-haired icon. 

Many claim the ghost of Marilyn Monroe still haunts her old room (1200) where she lived while her fame and success grew. Lots of guests have reported seeing the reflection of Marilyn in the full-length mirror.

Other reported ghosts include silver-screen star Montogomery Clift, whose apparently quite active in patting guests’ shoulders and turning on the radio, and actress Carole Lombard has also been spotted floating around the upper floors. 

9. Hotel Kurrajong, Australia

Canberra is a small yet mighty capital rich with history, including a hotel that plays home to the ghost of a former Prime Minister.

Politician Ben Chifley held his position through the 1940s and died in 1951 after suffering a fatal heart attack in his Hotel Kurrajong room. Some staff and guests have claimed to see his ghost in the hotel, pointing towards parliament house and wearing a grey suit. 

10. The Shelbourne, Ireland

haunted hotels - the shelbourne

The Shelbourne is a luxurious hotel in the heart of Dublin and is said to be housing the ghost of a little girl. 

Hotel staff and guests are adamant that the ghost of a mischievous girl haunts one of their luxury rooms, with reports of taps turning on by themselves and strange sensations of a presence. It’s believed this ghost is that of Mary Masters – a seven-year-old girl who died of cholera in the hotel in 1791.

Actress Lily Collins put the hauntings on the map after she revealed hearing a giggling little girl during her stay here while on a TV show. 

11. Borgvattnet Vicarage, Sweden

Borgvattnet Vicarage is one of Sweden’s most haunted locations, with reports of strange going ons flowing in since 1927.

One to tick off every paranormal hunter’s bucket list, the now bed and breakfast was home to the Hedland family in the early 1900s. After Nils Hedlund’s mother, Marta, died in the home during childbirth he had a strange paranormal encounter of laundry being pulled off the line when he came back to live there – and he’s not the only one. 

Multiple tenants over the years have seen everything from moving furniture to footsteps, bedsheets being pulled off, a lady dressed in grey, phantom music, and the translucent outline of three sad ladies. 

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