Six destinations for the last six months of the year

Have an unforgettable end to your year.

Six destinations for the last six months of the year

Have an unforgettable end to your year.
Salt Lake City

From balmy tropical paradises to winter wonderlands, quaint towns and lively cities, here’s the travel inspiration you’ll want for each of the last six months of the year, so you can end your year right. 

July: Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Fog over the Scottish Highlands
Fog over the Scottish Highlands | Image: Antoine Fabre on Unsplash

If travelling with the masses isn’t your cup of tea, then you’ll want to consider the Scottish Highlands in July. While the rest of the world flocks to the southern beaches of Europe at this time, skip the tourist chaos. Head northwest to the majestic highlands of Scotland in the United Kingdom where you’ll be greeted by scenery just as memorable.

Allow landscapes of rolling lush green hills, enchanting castles, and tranquil lochs to satisfy your eyes, while surrounded by a peaceful silence that would be hard to find anywhere else in Europe at this time. 

Base yourself in the charming city of Inverness, surrounded by pristine highland scenery and home to Jacobite history and Loch Ness Monster Scottish folklore, from here venture out and explore to you’re heart’s desire. 

August: Langkawi, Malaysia

Where the rainforest and ocean meet
Where the rainforest and ocean meet | Image: The Datai Resort Langkawi

Resting off the west coast of Malaysia is Langkawi, an archipelago of 99 islands sitting in the warm and calm, cyan waters of the Andaman Sea.

Also known as the Jewel of Kedah, this tropical paradise is home to abundant coral reefs, 10-million-year-old rainforest with endemic wildlife, toppling waterfalls, and swaying coconut trees that line the white sands of the shoreline. 

Relish in the flavours of Malaysia as you indulge in Langkawi’s food scene and vibrant nightlife. From multiple night markets to bustling bars, clubs and restaurants, the fun definitely doesn’t stop when the sun sets. If you’re torn on where to stay on the main island, we recommend The Datai, an opulent sanctuary cocooned by the jungle.  

September: Salt Lake City, United States

Utah national parks, a day trip from Salt Lake City
Utah national parks, a day trip from Salt Lake City | Image: Shutterstock

As summer draws to a close and fall creeps in, the colours of Salt Lake City’s flora begin their transition to orange and brown, matching Utah’s rocky, vibrant red backdrop. This time of year is ideal for hot springs, visiting the iconic national parks in the area, hikes, pumpkin patches, and long drives taking in the state’s mesmerising scenery. 

Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah and it sits at the foot of towering mountains waiting to be explored. The city is the perfect place to situate yourself with an array of day trips available that allow you to take in Utah’s unique beauty without having to compromise on the perks and luxury of city life. 

October: Montréal, Canada 

The colours of Fall in Montréal
The colours of Fall in Montréal | Image: Shutterstock

Immerse yourself in the vivacious fusion of the Canadian and French lifestyle that is Montréal. In October, the weather is mild and you can catch the city before the winter freeze hits. At this time of year, the fall leaves are at their peak, and maple trees line the streets in dazzling shades of rich red and orange. 

October in Montréal allows you to explore the city’s diverse cultural hotspots, take in the divine architecture, and enjoy the lively restaurant scene. During this month, there are many food, art, and cultural events and festivals held that will leave you continuously occupied as you discover the uniqueness of this diverse city and no doubt leave feeling very inspired and enriched. 

November: Broome, Australia

The contrasting colours of Broome's spectacular coastline
The contrasting colours of Broome’s spectacular coastline | Image: Shutterstock

In Australia’s northwest rests the slow-paced town of Broome, an unspoiled coastal oasis, known for its laid-back lifestyle, rich pearling history, and iconic camel rides along the shoreline. The charming town is a long-time beloved vacation spot, where vibrant red landscapes and azure seascapes meet like shades of a watercolour painting. 

In November, the town begins its transition into its wet season, creating a balmy, humid summer, making the town an ideal destination for those seeking a tropical getaway. Don’t be put off by this month being the start of the wet season, Broome rarely sees rainy days before mid-December. 

During this time sit back and watch in awe as Broome puts on an impressive display of spectacular lightning storms over the ocean and projects the year’s finest golden sunsets onto the calm shores. 

December: Hallstatt, Austria

The town of Hallstatt in winter
The town of Hallstatt in winter | Image: Shutterstock

In the month of December, the picturesque lakeside alpine village of Hallstatt transforms into an enchanting winter wonderland. The town sits small beneath a blanket of soft white snow against a backdrop of dark green mountainous Alps, bleached in patches by the snowfall. Twinkling lights lead their way through the town that looks more like something out of a fairytale you read as a little kid, than it does real life. 

During this month, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed town’s market square hosts Christmas markets where the smell of warm spices and mulled wine fills the crisp air. A stroll through these quaint stalls is no doubt the ultimate way to get into the holiday spirit and be the main character in your own Christmas movie.

Featured Image: Shutterstock

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