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All Of The Places Where House Of The Dragon Was Filmed

Real world locations from the highly anticipated sequel

All Of The Places Where House Of The Dragon Was Filmed

Real world locations from the highly anticipated sequel
house of the dragon - st michaels mount

It seems Game of Thrones fans are eager to move on from that very controversial finale, so we’re giving House of the Dragon a chance – and a big one clearly, given it crashed the US streaming service HBO Max on its opening episode. No doubt we’re all ready to get hurt again.

The first episode is already being dubbed a roaring success, bringing that typical unnervingly violent Game of Thrones style and a few little gems sprinkled throughout that fans of the original series would have caught onto.

Now with international travel back in full swing, die-hard fans may want to take the opportunity to pop into some of the real-life locations where filming took place for their brush with fame. Here’s where you can visit (dragons not included).

Spain – Cáceres and Trujillo

The towns of Cáceres and Trujillo in Extramadura were used in the original Game of Thrones series for exteriors in King’s Landing in during season 7, and they were again used by House of the Dragon for the King’s Landing setting.

The nearby Trujillo is expected to share some of the load for King’s Landing scenes, given its similar Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Other locations in Spain that are predicted to be featured include Castillo de la Calahorra in Granada and the Santa Clotilde Gardens in Lloret de Mar.

house of the dragon  - caceres spain
Cáceres | Trip Advisor

England – Cornwall

The famed St Michael’s Mount is rumoured to take on the portrayal of Driftmark, which is the ancestral seat of House Velaryon.

This historic castle can be found just off the coast of Marazion in Cornwall and is only accessible between mid-tide and low water using a cobbled granite causeway. It’s been home to the St Aubyn family since about 1650, and a deal was struck with the National Trust allowing the family home to be open for visitors to discover.

You’ll need to pre book your ticket and arrival time before popping in for a visit, and there are even six self-catering cottages nearby for an extended stay.

The beach scenes you’ll see in the trailer were also filmed on shored around Cornwall.

house of the dragon  - st michaels mount cornwall
St Michaels Mount

England – Derbyshire

Matt Smith, who plays Daemon Targaryen, was seen filming in the Derbyshire area – unsurprisingly given the rolling green hills practically scream Game of Thrones scenery.

The historic village of Castleton and the Bronze Age fort Mam Tor are both expected to serve as backdrops, as well as the quarry at Eldon Hill and the dry limestone valley at Cave Dale, so there are a few to knock off your list here.

England – Surrey and Hampshire Border

Hampshire Live reported that a Warner Bros truck and flags that looked very similar to the House Targaryen sigil were seen at Caesar’s Camp near Aldershot.

Though there’s no actual confirmation that it was House of The Dragon filming here, so take this information as you will – it may be worth keeping an eye out for it in the episodes.

Portugal – Monsanto

Though unclear right now exactly what Monsato’s role will be, the hilltop medieval castle, cobbled streets, and massive granite boulders here prove as the perfect backdrop.

It will be used as a location for House of the Dragon, and it’s rumoured that some shooting has taken place outside Portugal’s Penha Garcia Castle.

house of the dragon - trailer

House of the Dragon is now streaming on Binge with new episodes weekly

Feature Image: St Michaels Mount

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