Street Food Sunday: Three Cheers For Churros!

Street Food Sunday: Three Cheers For Churros!

Churros recipe

Only the Spanish could make deep-fried sticks of dough so darn tasty!

Eaten fresh out the fryer and covered with a liberal coating of cinnamon sugar, there’s no living soul who can say they wouldn’t enjoy a serve of Spain’s famed deep-fried churros. Traditionally, the Spaniards eat them for breakfast served with a good dose of dipping in gooey chocolate, dulce de leche, or cafe de leche, of course. Churros have become so popular in parts of Spain that you can get your hands on a serving at any hour of the day.

That’s a win for everyone… in Spain.

Next time you’ve got a hankering for the sweet, crispy dough treats, do yourself a favour and pull up this churros recipe to give them a crack from scratch.

Churros recipe street food
Source: Rolande PG on Unsplash

Churros Recipe


80g butter, chopped

1 tblsp caster sugar

1 cup (150g) plain flour

1/2 cup (110g) caster sugar, extra

1 tsp ground cinnamon

2 eggs

Vegetable oil for deep-frying

Chocolate Sauce

100g dark chocolate, chopped

1/2 cup (125ml) pouring cream

1 tblsp brown sugar


Combine the butter, sugar and 1 cup (250ml) of water in a saucepan. Over high heat, bring to the boil. Remove the mixture from the heat, add the flour, and stir to combine. Place over high heat again and cook, stirring constantly, for 1-2 mins. The dough should be smooth and coming away from the side of the pan. Set aside to cool.

For the chocolate sauce:

Combine the chocolate, cream, and sugar in a saucepan over medium-low heat. Cook and stir until the chocolate melts and the mixture is smooth.

Combine the extra sugar and cinnamon and lay out on a large tray.

Put the cooked dough in a bowl and use an electric mixer to beat it until it’s smooth. Add in the eggs one at a time. Beat the mixture well after each addition, until mixture is smooth and glossy. Transfer the mixture to a piping bag that has been fitted with a 2cm fluted nozzle. If you don’t have a piping bag, pop the mixture in a ziplock bag with one of the corners cut out.

Cooking the churros:

Add 6cm of oil to a pan and heat to 180C over medium-high heat. Pop a cube of bread into the oil and if it turns golden brown in 15 secs, the oil is ready. For large churros, pipe three 12cm lengths of dough into the oil, cutting the dough off with kitchen scissors. For baby churros, cut the dough into 3cm lengths. Cook the dough for 3 mins or until golden brown.

Use a slotted spoon to transfer the churros to a plate lined with paper towel. Once rested slightly, put them into the cinnamon sugar and toss to coat. Repeat with remaining dough.

Serve churros warm with the chocolate sauce for dipping.

Feature image: WantTo Create on Unsplash

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