Street Food Sunday: Head To The Streets Of Québec With A Bowl Of Cheesy Poutine

Street Food Sunday: Head To The Streets Of Québec With A Bowl Of Cheesy Poutine

Poutine Quebec

Upgrade your fries game with this easy (and super cheesy) Poutine recipe.

Poutine – at its simplest, this much-loved dish from Québec is just fries, gravy, and cheese. Though seemingly simple, poutine is so much more than it sounds.

Originating in the French-speaking province of Canada in the 1950s, this ultimate comfort dish has gone on to become a symbol of Québécois culture.

The dish is so loved by Canadians that you’ll find it on the menu at some of the country’s best restaurants and even topped with things like truffle and caviar nonetheless. You’ll find many variations of the dish on the streets of Canada, but it’s the original recipe that has the world won over.

Indulge yourself with a big bowl of warm, home-cooked gravy covered fries with the recipe below.

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Poutine Recipe


6 to 8 large potatoes, peeled

1 tbsp vegetable oil, plus more for frying

1 shallot, minced

2 cups chicken stock

1 small clove garlic, minced

2 cups beef stock

2 tbsps ketchup or tomato sauce

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 tbsp whole green peppercorns

1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce

2 tbsps unsalted butter

2 tbsps all-purpose flour

Salt and freshly ground pepper

2 cups cheddar cheese curds (or torn mozzarella if you can’t find cheese curds)


Slice the potatoes into hot chips at whatever thickness you prefer. Alternatively, use a french fry cutter. Sit for 1 hour in a bowl of cold water, or up to 24 hours for extra-crispy fries. Drain well and pat dry or spin dry in a salad spinner.

Make the gravy: Heat vegetable oil in a saucepan over medium heat. Add in the shallot and garlic. Saute until translucent, or for about 3 minutes. Add both the chicken and beef stock, as well as the ketchup, vinegar, peppercorns and Worcestershire sauce and bring to a boil.

Meanwhile, in a separate saucepan, melt the butter over medium-high heat. Add the flour to make a roux, stirring until slightly browned (2 to 3 minutes). Whisk the stock mixture into the roux and simmer until reduced by half (about 20 minutes). Season the gravy with salt and pepper and keep warm.

Line a baking tray with paper towels. Heat enough vegetable oil for deep frying in a heavy-bottomed pot until it hits 180 degrees. Fry the potatoes in small batches until a very light yellow (about 8 minutes). Remove with a strainer and drain on the paper towels. Bring the oil temperature up to 190 degrees over high heat. Fry the potatoes in batches again until they’re golden brown (6 to 8 minutes). Drain on fresh paper towels.

Salt and pepper the fries while hot.

Strain the gravy.

Put the fries into a dish, spoon over the gravy and top with cheese curds or mozzarella.

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