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Street Food Sunday: Taste Tahiti With Raw Fish Delight, Poisson Cru

Street Food Sunday: Taste Tahiti With Raw Fish Delight, Poisson Cru

Tahitian Poisson Cru recipe

Poisson cru is Tahiti’s answer to Mexico’s ceviche.

Poisson cru is considered to be the national dish of Tahiti, locally known as ia ota. Translating as ‘raw fish’ in French, it marries exotic flavours of the islands in one refreshing meal. This sweet dish consists of raw fresh tuna which is briefly marinated in lime juice and coconut milk and traditionally wrapped with fresh coconut meat for that extra layer of freshness. Prepared in similar vain to Hawaii’s poke and Mexico’s ceviche, Tahiti’s poisson cru holds its own tantalising zest, taking you back to Polynesian island life.

Enjoy this exceptional yet easy poisson cru recipe from executive sous chef Sebastien Prevel at Le Meridien BOB.

Street Food Sunday: Taste Tahiti With Raw Fish Delight, Poisson Cru
Source: Tahiti Tourisme

Poisson cru recipe


300g raw red or white tuna

1/2 cucumber

1 carrot

1 red onion

100g wild cabbage

Dried coconut

Coconut milk

2 limes

Green onion or chives


Peel and cut the carrot, cucumber, red onion and the wild cabbage into strips.

Cut the raw tuna in cubes.

Marinate the whole lot with the coconut milk and lime.

Add a bit of salt and pepper.

Break the dried coconut in 2 pieces. Remove water. Cut the coconut in shell chips and dry them in the oven 180 degrees for 4-5 minutes.

Place the dish in the coconut shells.

Slice green onion and place the dried the coconut shell chips on the dish.

Enjoy the taste of Tahiti with your freshly prepared bowl of Poisson Cru!

Feature image: Tahiti Tourisme

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