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Street Food Sunday: Get Sticky Fingers With Gifu’s Tasty Tofu Dengaku Skewers

Street Food Sunday: Get Sticky Fingers With Gifu’s Tasty Tofu Dengaku Skewers

Tofu Dengaku

Time to have a taste of “Little Kyoto” with Gifu’s tofu dengaku skewers.

Japan’s Gifu is steadfast becoming one of the country’s must-visit destinations for its stunning mountain beauty, close proximity to UNESCO World Heritage sites and above all, its heavenly food scene. Foodies alike choose to descend on the city to have a taste of the unique cuisines made from locally sourced fresh produce. And there is no better way to sample the taste of Gifu than nibbling on the light and flavoursome tofu dengaku skewers.

The name dengaku is believed to have derived from dengaku boshi, a stilt dancer who would perform for the god of the rice fields during rice planting. The skewered dish resembles the stilts dengaku boshi balanced on, leading to it taking on the namesake.

Grab the wooden sticks as we show you how to make Gifu’s tasty tofu dengaku skewers with this recipe using the popular variation tofu, eggplant and taro.

Tofu Dengaku Skewers Recipe – Serves 2


  • 300 g firm tofu
  • 2 tbsp miso
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tbsp mirin
  • 8 sansho leaves


  • Microwave the tofu for 3 min at 750 Watts, then let it cool.
  • Mix the miso, mirin, and sugar in a heat-resistant container, and microwave for 2 min.
  • Cut the tofu into eight pieces, then place on an aluminium foil-lined tray. 
  • Spoon the miso sauce from step 2 on top of the tofu.
  • Place the tray into an oven or grill and heat until the sauce begins to brown.
  • Place the tofu on a serving plate and push a bamboo skewer through the tofu.
  • Garnish with whichever herbs you desire such as sansho leaves.

Enjoy your trip to Gifu via the tongue!

Feature image: Visit Gifu

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