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Rejoice, Mardi Gras Is Back In 2021 So Grab Your Feather Boas

mardi gras 2021

Bring on Mardi Gras 2021. The world has missed a good party, and that is why we are ecstatic to hear that Sydney’s ultimate human rainbow on earth fiesta, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade is back on in 2021. Australia’s OG event celebrating pride and diversity has announced it’s kicking its heels and […]

What You Need To Know About Sydney’s Mardi Gras

sydney mardi gras

Wave your rainbow flags, throw the glitters around as Sydney’s Mardi Gras big finale is on this weekend! It’s is that time of year where Sydney is one massive rainbow on earth and citizens are shining in all that glitters, and tassels – yas, Mardi Gras is here! This is Australia’s biggest yearly cultural event, […]