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When Worlds Collide: Montaigne Adds Eurovision Flavour To Sydney Mardi Gras So Expect A Colour Burst

When Worlds Collide: Montaigne Adds Eurovision Flavour To Sydney Mardi Gras So Expect A Colour Burst

sydney mardi gras

Sydney Mardi Gras is due to receive special Eurovision treatment with a performance by Montaigne.

Heels are being kicked off in Sydney this weekend for the annual Sydney and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Since we live in ‘Rona times, Mardi Gras festivities will be a tad different. It’s out with the usual parade around the city and in with party all happening in one locale at the Sydney Cricket Cricket Grounds. It’s questionable if the stadium has ever received such a colourful makeover, but a special Euro treatment is guaranteed.

In a Sydney Mardi Gras first, the event will debut a Eurovision performance. 2021 Eurovision contestant and ARIA Award-winning art-pop songwriter Montaigne will be singing her uplifting Eurovision anthem and outright banger, Technicolour live at the event. The Avant grade singer is due to perform the song at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in May with the contest still under review with how the event will take place.

In a statement released by Eurovision broadcaster SBS, Montaigne said:

“I’m so excited to present Technicolour to the world! I think it does it all — makes you want to cry, makes you want to dance, makes you want to take on a malignant corporate power — and I think that it is both forward-thinking and suitable for Eurovision.”

Many would celebrate the collision of such flamboyant worlds with SBS Commissioning Editor and Australian Head of Delegation Josh Martin revealing it is the perfect song for the event.

“Where better to premiere it, than one of the world’s most loved Pride events – the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras! The song is positive, purposeful – and let’s face it – fun! It will be right at home at the world’s largest, inclusive technicolour song contest where, to borrow a line from the chorus – ‘if we stand together, we can do whatever’.”

And Montaigne being the ultimate all-rounder queen is proof of just that. Have a listen below:

Montaigne – Technicolour

Check out the festival line up: Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

Watch the 2021 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras on Saturday 6 March at 6pm AEDT via SBS On Demand, or tune in for the full parade on SBS and NITV at 7:30pm AEDT.

The 2021 Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast on SBS from 19 to 23 May with the schedule yet to be announced. (Stay tuned!)

Feature image: SBS/Montaigne

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