Best Tiny Cabins In Australia

tiny stays in victoria - shacky

We have searched all across Australia to bring you the best tiny cabin stays from each state and territory.

Escape to a tiny cabin

Tiny cabins in Australia are on the rise as the perfect aesthetic getaway, with stunning views and limited wifi, relaxation is a must.

With the facilities of a hotel combined with an immersive experience in nature these tiny stays are fully stocked with kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and of course, stunning views all ready for your quick weekend getaway, romantic adventure, or even week-long holiday destination.

So get ready to sit back, switch off and relax in luxury as we have compiled some of the best tiny stays throughout Australia.

Featured Tiny Cabin

Victoria’s newest limited-edition off-grid tiny cabin stay, hitting will be hitting the road later this year and into early 2023.

Stella The Stargazer will set up base in three epic Victorian regions for 8-weeks apiece, carefully picked for their beauty and special qualities.

Tiny Cabins Australia: Guide To Tiny Stays Around Australia

New South Wales

Tiny Cabins Australia: Guide To Tiny Stays Around Australia

Escape from the busy Sydney city life, and explore some of the quaint and beautiful country landscapes and adventures New South Wales has to offer.

These tiny stays have been able to squeeze in all the amazing coastal and country scenery hidden behind the big city.

tiny cabins in queensland - rainforest hideaway


tiny cabins in queensland - rainforest hideaway

Whether you’re looking for a tropical getaway in Cairns or are looking for an adventure slightly connected to the city on the Gold Coast – these tiny cabins capture all the unique landscapes Queensland has to show.

So whether it’s beach or country, these tiny stays have Queensland covered.

Tiny Cabins - SA

South Australia

Tiny Cabins - SA

From the stunning wine regions of the Barossa valley, to the beachside town of Marion Bay, be prepared to be dined and wined in luxury.

See all the adventures and scenery South Australia has on show in these tiny stays. 

Tiny Cabins - Tasmania


Tiny Cabins - Tasmania

If ever a region in Australia was built for tiny cabin stays its Tasmania.

Whether you’re looking for a low-key surf shack or a tiny stay that looks like it could be on Grand designs, Tasmania’s tiny cabins are as diverse as its landscape.

Escape to the rugged coast or rolling hills and be prepared to be wowed by all the beauty on display in Tasmania.

Tiny Cabins - Victoria


Tiny Cabins - Victoria

There is so much more to Victoria than the hustle and bustle of Melbourne.

Whether you prefer waking up to the sounds of the ocean or watching the sun rise over the mountains, Victoria has some of the best tiny stays that have it all.

Tiny Cabins - Western Australia

Western Australia

Tiny Cabins - Western Australia

Sunny one day and perfect the next. From white sand beaches to red dirt roads, Western Australia offers scenic views all around.

Whether you’re wanting to surf down in Yallingup, relax amongst the landscape in the Wheatbelt, or escape it all in the forest of the south west – these tiny cabins do it all.

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