Stella The Stargazer Portable Tiny Home Providing Off-Grid Stays In Victoria

This might be our new favourite tiny home.

Stella The Stargazer Portable Tiny Home Providing Off-Grid Stays In Victoria

This might be our new favourite tiny home.
Tiny Cabin - stella the stargazer

Stella The Stargazer is ready to cater to all your dreamy destination needs.

She’s Victoria’s newest limited-edition off-grid tiny stay, hitting the road later this year into early 2023 – and she’ll have more than just the one location on offer for keen travellers.

The uniquely Victorian tiny home will set up base in three epic Victorian regions for 8-weeks apiece, carefully picked for their beauty and special qualities.

A team of local artisans were behind Stella’s construction and used a mixture of upcycled materials and textures to keep it modern while still incorporating nature into its interior and exterior. It’s fitted with everything you might need, and designed to get visitors away from those pesky screens and out into the wide world.

stella the stargazer

The eccentric features of the space include a roll-out sleeping platform for stargazing, a shower with operable glass louvres, an equipped kitchen centred around a woodfire and glass sliding doors that open out onto a modular deck with a toasty firepit.

stella the stargazer

You’ll also enjoy breakfast, a welcome hamper and a bottle of wine curated by renowned Victorian chef Alejandro Saravia from Farmers Daughters on your stay at no extra cost. Say no more!

Where will Stella be visiting?

The first stop for Stella is Blue Gables vineyard in Maffra, popping up among the gently rolling hills of Central Gippsland on 14 October 2022 to 15 December 2022.

Stays two and three will see her set against the rugged and sparkling coastline of the Great Ocean Road on 3 February 2023 to 6 April 2023, followed by the jagged sandstone mountains of the Grampians on 17 April 2023 to 18 June 2023.

Extra steps have been taken to make sure the home-away-from-home has minimal impact on its surrounding environment, so you can rest easy knowing you’re blending into the picturesque locations seamlessly.

Eager holidaymakers can now get on and book for their stay, with more details set to come.

Stella The Stargazer

Price: Monday – Thursday: $330/night, Friday – Sunday: $390/night


  • Stella in Gippsland: Friday, 14 October 2022 to Thursday, 15 December 2022
  • Stella on the Great Ocean Road: Friday, 3 February 2023 to Thursday, 6 April 2023
  • Stella in the Grampians: Friday 17 April 2022 to Thursday, 18 June 2023

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