Hong Kong Free Flights: 500,000 Free Airline Tickets To Boost Tourism

Did someone say free flights to Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Free Flights: 500,000 Free Airline Tickets To Boost Tourism

Did someone say free flights to Hong Kong?
hong kong free flights

Ever wanted to head to Hong Kong? Here’s your chance with over 500,000 free flights to Hong Kong.

After the world was shut off for two whole years because of a little thing called COVID, Hong Kong is looking to lure tourists back into its midst after tough travel restrictions have been dropped with a very tempting deal.

The popular Asian destination has confirmed plans to give away half a million airline tickets in a bid to boost tourism – no secret catches attached.

The big move comes just after dropping its longstanding mandatory hotel quarantine requirement and was confirmed to CNN by a spokesperson from the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK), which said that the 500,000 tickets, worth around $400million (US$254.8m), would go to global visitors, along with residents.

Further details are soon to be announced and arrangements with airlines have been made, but it’s an exciting step for the city that’s been for the most part largely cut off from the rest of the world due to strict restrictions.

Be mindful though – while the hotel quarantine may have been lifted, visitors to Hong Kong still face various rules and restrictions before and after arriving.

Incoming international travellers must submit a pre-flight vaccination certificate, as well as a negative PCR test and rapid antigen test before entering. Once they’ve been permitted to enter, visitors are required to undergo a three-day self-monitoring period, during which time they’re prohibited from eating in restaurants or visiting bars.

Visitors also need to complete PCR tests on days 2, 4, and 6 after arrival, and a rapid antigen test every day for seven days.

Watch this space for more news when tickets are released.

Feature Image: Manson Yim

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