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6 Reasons Why Broome’s Other Famous Beach Is Worth A Visit

6 Reasons Why Broome’s Other Famous Beach Is Worth A Visit

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Staircase to the Moon is one bright reason to visit Town Beach.

We get it: Cable Beach is the golden starlet of the Broome coastline, but there’s another side worth the GPS switch – Town Beach. Moments from Broome’s Chinatown area, Town Beach is a local favourite with its blissful waters a top place to practice your scissor kicks (in the dry season only) and admire its evergreen mangroves dotting the big blue. It’s also worth the flip flop exploration around Town Beach to have coastal experiences you can’t get elsewhere: Staircase to the Moon being one of them.

Here we list six reasons why Town Beach in Broome is worth the wander with the inclusion of its otherworldly spectacle, naturally.

1. Flying boat wrecks

Town Beach is a unique place like no other beachfront. One thing that makes it remarkable is its extreme tidal movements. If the tide is under 1.3m, it is possible to catch a glimpse of seabed historical attractions – the wrecks of Catalina and Dornier. 

These flying boats were attacked in WWII by Japanese ‘Zeroes’ and had been used to evacuate refugees from Java. They are a part of a collection of 15 flying boats sunk in a matter of minutes of each other, making it the only place in the world to find such a rare and historical collection. Only six wrecks are visible. However, the former mentioned can be visited with a carefully planned visit by foot.

Town Beach explorers can start walking from the shore an hour before low tide and head southwest for 1.5km. Make sure to wear appropriate footwear to protect yourself from marine dangers and check for tide times.

2. Matso’s Brewery

staircase to the moon
Cheers to a good time. Source: @matsosbeer

What brews in Broome? Utter the word ‘Matso’s’, and you are already speaking local tongue. One cannot go to Broome and not visit this hoppy institution conveniently located a short stroll away from Town Beach.

Matso’s Broome Brewery claim to fame is being Australia’s most remote brewery although its vibe is far from barren. The multi-award-winning brewery’s famous front yard beer garden and verandah attracts a crowd wishing to cool down from the heat with a tasty drop from the tap. It also attracts those wanting to have high-brow pub grub, with seafood being a prominent feature on the menu. We recommend going all out with the restaurant’s trio ceviche platter of kingfish, salmon and tuna pickled in Kyushu style with avocado mousse for another refreshing moment beyond the pint glass.

Location: Matso’s Broome Brewery, 60 Hamersley St, Broome WA 6725

3. Esplanade and playground area

6 Reasons Why Broome’s Other Famous Beach Is Worth A Visit
Couple watching surf kite action at Town Beach, overlooking Broome’s Roebuck Bay. Source: Tourism Western Australia

Relax and take stock of Broome’s ultra-chill lifestyle. The recently renovated esplanade foreshore is a great place to have a picnic, get the tongs out and have a must-do Broome barbie or rest up at a coastal cafe.

If the little ones are in tow, let them burn off their seemingly endless energy levels at the playground.

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4. Art galleries

6 Reasons Why Broome’s Other Famous Beach Is Worth A Visit
Be inspired with art at Black Stump Gallery. Source: Emma Blyth

Moments away from Town Beach, a world of art awaits. Black Stump Gallery showcases bright and bold artworks from Broome and beyond, with local artist Emma Blyth vast collection on display.

Nearby, artist Sobrane sophisticated graffiti is showcased in her gallery next to Matso’s Brewery. If you are lucky, you may very well be lucky to catch the artist in action, creating her next masterpiece.

Location: Black Stump Gallery, 42 Carnarvon Street Broome WA 6725

Location: Gallery Sobrane, 48 Carnarvon St, Broome WA 6725

5. Staircase to the Moon

6 Reasons Why Broome’s Other Famous Beach Is Worth A Visit
View from Town Beach of the Staircase to the Moon phenomenon. Source: Tourism Western Australia

Forget wildlife docos or special effects, Broome’s Staircase to the Moon is a blockbuster nature show not to be missed. This optical illusion and natural phenomenon only occurs when a full moon rises over Roebuck Bay’s exposed tidal flats. As the Moon rises from the horizon, its golden light reflects on Earth, with the steps to the Moon slowly revealed.

Make sure you plan your timely visit as this remarkable show of nature occurs two to three days a month between March to October. Watching it unfold is even better when joining the masses along the Town Beach foreshore to catch a glimpse of sky show. Make sure to bring a small picnic to make the most out of this truly unique moment only experienced in Broome. 

 If wanting an intimate viewing, head to The Mangrove Hotel Resort for a more low-key affair.

6. Staircase to the Moon markets

To revel in this extraordinary night show, the first two days of the moonlit spectacle usually have the Staircase to the Moon markets in full swing from 4pm along the Town Beach grassed area. 

The markets are the place to purchase locally produced items, visit street food vendors selling mostly Asian cuisines, and admire the talents of local artists and photographers. It is also a place to soak up the community vibe right before the beach shines with the glow of the Moon.

Make sure to come with an empty stomach and leave with a taste of the world and possibly shopping bags too!


6 Reasons Why Broome’s Other Famous Beach Is Worth A Visit
Lap up Town Beach luxury. Source: Oaks Broome Hotel

Mix up your Broome experience with a stay at Oaks Broome Hotel.

Located in the famed Roebuck Bay area, this perfectly positioned hotel is only a short walk away from Town Beach and a 10-minute walk from the famous coastal Broome brewery. 

The hotel is an oasis within an oasis, with the quiet hotel boasting two pools and modern amenities. Affordability wise, it caters to most budgets, whether it be a hotel room stay or a comfortable two-bedroom apartment poolside getaway. The latter room may make you never want to leave the hotel grounds with both a dip in the pool or your very own spa bath just a few steps from your bed. Seriously a sure-fire way to effortlessly cool off.

Julia was a guest of Oaks Resort Town Beach, and all thoughts and opinions are that of her own.

Keep up to date with the latest news from the Shire of Broome regarding the safety status of Town Beach as crocodiles and sharks can be sighted occasionally within the area.

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Feature image: Tourism Western Australia

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