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7 Most Outrageous Airbnbs in Australia

If you’re going to do it… you might as well go all-in with these Airbnb stunners.

7 Most Outrageous Airbnbs in Australia

If you’re going to do it… you might as well go all-in with these Airbnb stunners.
Luxury Airbnb Stays In Australia - Outrageous Airbnb Stays

Sometimes you want more than just a room at your holiday destination. Sometimes you want your accommodation to be your holiday destination and if that’s the case, these Airbnb’s will inspire you to truly seek out the most outrageous comforts.

Here we share seven of the most outrageous Airbnb’s in Australia.

‘The Tower’ Castle at Mount Ophir Estate

Could you have any more of a storybook holiday than calling a tower home?

Practice your Rapunzel hair moves at the ‘The Tower’ Castle at Mount Ophir Estate, located in Rutherglen, Victoria. The estate is a unique architectural landmark and an integral part of Australia’s winemaking history, with its French provincial tower a standout in all senses.

The modernised ‘Tower’ has three levels, complete with round staircases to make you really feel immersed in a fairytale escape. The ground floor features a dining area; the second is a library lounge room with the top floor a bedroom, complete with a queen bed and marble bathroom. The tower sleeps two, and you know how the story goes – they slept happily ever after.  

7 Most Outrageous Airbnbs in Australia
  • Guests: 2
  • Location: Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia
  • Rate: $633 per night

Book: ‘The Tower’ Castle at Mount Ophir Estate 

The Edge, Modern Cliffside Mansion

We can be millionaires just for one day. As part of Airbnb’s Luxe listings, The Edge in Sydney’s coastal suburb South Coogee is all about living your best life. You could even consider the modern abode a luxury Big Brother house as it sleeps up to 10 people.

The oceanfront villa offers sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean from its lounge areas, rooftop terrace, and all five bedrooms (with balconies!), so no arguments on who has the best views. The Edge is moments away from Coogee Beach, Wylie Baths, but why explore outside when you have it so good in?

Make sure to make the most of it by making a splash in its luminous swimming pool, shaking cocktails in its lounge or having a BBQ dinner party under the stars. At home, social events don’t get better than this.

7 Most Outrageous Airbnbs in Australia
  • Guests: 10
  • Location: South Coogee, New South Wales, Australia
  • Rate: $6,191 a night

Book: The Edge, Modern Cliffside Mansion 

The Ridge Castle

Not all castle stays have to cost the world. Located in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales is Ridge Castle, situated on an active mining field 2km from the town.

Previously the castle lived another life as miners’ accommodation. Now, it’s possible to rent the quirky stone castle out for you and your holiday crew. The castle offers a rustic experience, partly run by solar power. A highlight is the castle’s Palace Grounds, equipped with an outside fireplace to make the most of the enchanting setting. 

7 Most Outrageous Airbnbs in Australia
  • Guests: 7
  • Location: Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia
  • Rate: $457.50 a night

Book: The Ridge Castle 

Bishops Palace

Welcome to the regal life. Spend time in a place that is literally built on gold, Ballarat and is every bit inspired by its wealth.

Bishops Palace is a Heritage-Listed Gothic mansion dating back to 1800s architecture and is one of the town’s most famous residences. Inside, the house is fit for royalty with its regal décor and furnishings suited to the interior of an imperial palace. So, if you ever wondered what it is like to stay overnight at Buckingham Palace or those grand postcodes alike, this will give you a good idea.

The home is surrounded by manicured gardens with the gorgeous Lake Wendouree a one-minute walk away. 

7 Most Outrageous Airbnbs in Australia
  • Guests: 12
  • Location: Lake Wendouree, Victoria
  • Rate: $2,333.70 a night

Book: Bishops Palace 

Campbell Point House

Consider this Australia’s answer to the Palace of Versailles in France.

Located in Leopold, Victoria, the Baroque style residences, Campbell Point House oozes elegance inside and out. From its inspired gardens of the Palace of Versailles to its labyrinth of rooms (15 bedrooms!), sheltered terrace, formal dining areas, this Airbnb Luxe mansion listing represents the very best of centuries past designs and is every bit très chic.

The setting couldn’t be more picturesque too, situated along the shores of Lake Connewarre with magnificent sunsets witnessed.

7 Most Outrageous Airbnbs in Australia
  • Guests: 16
  • Location: Leopold, Victoria, Australia
  • Rate: $10,750 a night

Book: Campbell Point House 

Chateau Du Soleil

Keeping in with the French theme is Chateau Du Soleil in Knockrow, New South Wales.

This stone-built luxury property is what you would expect to see as The Bachelor residence, with plenty of space to get active and social with a swimming pool, tennis court, dining areas and spaces to relax (complete with a fireplace). And of course, it wouldn’t be a grand house without its sweeping staircase, wouldn’t it? (Just imagine all the photoshoots you could have!)

It may be a world away from Bryon Bay’s hip scene; however, this European-inspired residence is only moments to the famous beach town with Lennox Head and Ballina also a short drive.

7 Most Outrageous Airbnbs in Australia
  • Guests: 16
  • Location: Knockrow, NSW, Australia
  • Rate: $7,500 a night

Book: Chateau Du Soleil 

Villa Queen

She’s a Villa Queen.

In a buzzing city, you can find your quiet spot (or mansion) at Villa Queen in Sydney’s famed Woollahra neighbourhood.

Villa Queen is more like a retreat, only that it is moments from beaches and shopping if you need to make an appearance in the wider world. But there is plenty of charm to keep you in within the beautifully bright, sophisticated property. The free-flowing layout makes for lazy living in luxury with its lounge, home gym, big kitchen and even piano area worthy of your time.

Its outdoor areas are expansive, with its alfresco dining and pool area a highlight, the setting reminiscent of a Lady Gaga music video so start playing that piano!

7 Most Outrageous Airbnbs in Australia
  • Guests: 10
  • Location: Woollahra, NSW, Australia
  • Rate: $3,152.50 a night

Book: Villa Queen 

Feature Image: The Edge, Modern Cliffside Mansion 

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