Where To Find All The Big Things in Australia

All the Big Things to snap a pic with down under

Where To Find All The Big Things in Australia

All the Big Things to snap a pic with down under
Big Things In Australia - Big Bogan NSW

The expression ‘go big or go home’ is a motto these huge monuments live by.

These Big Things have become a national Australian fascination and can be found just about everywhere from halfway across the Nullarbor to the middle of some of our biggest cities. 

Australia’s history of Big Things dates all the way back to the 1960s when Coffs Harbour unveiled their still iconic Big Banana. The country is now home to over 150 totems, so we’ve done our research and found a number of our favourite ‘Big Things in Australia’ favourites to share with you.

1. The Big Banana – New South Wales

big things in australia - the big banana
Source: @the_big_banana_icon

It would be remiss of us not to kick off this list with the monument that started it all.

Coffs Harbour is home to Australia’s most infamous Big Thing, the 13-metre-long Big Banana. Positioned on the beautiful Pacific Highway you simply have to stop and grab a pic with this iconic Aussie totem when driving along. 

In 1964 the Big Banana originally marked the site of the area’s famous banana plantation. However, the space has now evolved into an award-winning fun park accompanied by laser tag, a water park, mini golf, ice skating and a toboggan ride.

Location: 351 Pacific Hwy, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

2. The Big Merino – New South Wales

big things in australia - the big merino
Source: @nadja_unasardaingiro

What else would you call a 100-tonne ram in the middle of wool country? Rambo of course!

This 15-metre high and 18-metre long ram was created as a life-like replica model of a stud ram from a local property named ‘Rambo’. Located very close to Hume Highway, we promise you won’t miss this giant when you’re driving through Goulburn.

Location: Corner of Hume and, Sowerby St, Goulburn NSW 2580

3. The Big Penguin – Tasmania

big things in australia - the big penguin
Source: @madsen_retreat

It only seems fitting to put a Big Penguin in a town named Penguin, right?

This region in North Tasmania is famous for its cute little fairy penguins that you can catch a pic of between the months of September and March. The Big Penguin also loves to play dress up, so depending on when you go you could see him in either a Santa costume or head to toe in pink in tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness month in October.

Location: 74 Main Rd, Penguin TAS 7316

4. The Big Prawn – New South Wales

big things in australia - the big prawn
Source: @wandering_aus

This 40-tonne crustacean in Ballina was built as a nod to the thriving seafood industry that the region is famous for.

The originally tailless Big Prawn underwent a $400,000 renovation in 2013 and now measures a mighty 27 metres long. It’s available to view 24/7, so grab a pic at whatever time you’re visiting or passing through Ballina. Make sure to also pop past the range of local seafood shops, because you can live out your true Big prawn experience without trying the prawns.

Location: 507 River St, West Ballina NSW 2478

5. The Big Ned Kelly – Victoria

big things in australia - ned kelly
Source: victoriashighcountry.com.au

This famous bushranger’s legacy has remained strong over the years, including in the form of his own gigantic statue.

The town of Glenrowan marks the place of Ned Kelly’s last ever siege and the deaths of three of the Kelly Gang members. Immortalising the iconic story, the plaque at the bottom of the statue summarises his life as “Ned Kelly – Hanged a murderer in Melbourne, November 11, 1880 – not 26 years old – described as a rebel, bushranger by necessity, a bush battler, underdog, sometimes gentleman, sometimes larrikin and a man with a strong sense of family”.

Location: Gladstone St &, Kate St, Glenrowan VIC 3675

6. The Big Bull – Queensland

big things in australia - the big bulls
Source: queensland.com

There are 6 Big Bulls located in Rockhampton, each representing a different breed that the beef capital of Australia is so famous for.

These Big Bulls have also made national headlines multiple times in true Aussie fashion through the continuous theft of the Bulls balls, which are considered a trophy by local pranksters. When driving through the town you’ll catch the Big Bulls almost everywhere from roundabouts to sidewalks. To make the most of the region’s thriving beef industry you have to pop into a local restaurant or steak house to taste some of the best beef the industry has to offer.

Location: Rockhampton median strip adjacent to the Red Hill Homemaker Centre.

7. The Big Galah – South Australia

big things in australia - the big galah
Source: @earlymorningtravellers

Situated in front of the roadhouse in Kimba, this giant beauty marks the halfway point across Australia on the famous Nullarbor.

The Big Galah stands at 8 metres high, so you definitely won’t miss it in the sea of red dirt that makes up the Eyre Highway. The local Kimba roadhouse showcases the region’s opals, iron ore, jade, jams, chutneys and relishes, making it the perfect stop off for some local produce.

Location: Eyre Hwy, Kimba SA 5641

8. The Big Bogan – New South Wales

Big Things In Australia - Big Bogan NSW
Source: @jhargreaves93

What could possibly get more Aussie than a six-metre tall bogan?

Located in the town of Nyngan, which is fittingly a part of the ‘Bogan Shire’ region, the Big Bogan has gained popularity throughout the country as one of the funniest Big Things. 

For those of you who may be unsure of what exactly a ‘bogan’ is, it’s simply an Australian and New Zealand slang term for somebody who is a bit unrefined. The Australian National Dictionary defines a bogan as “an uncultured and unsophisticated person; a boorish and uncouth person.” We define them as local legends.

The huge statue depicts a typical Aussie bogan with a singlet, cap and thongs on who has just caught a big fish – and we can’t forget about his southern cross tattoo either.

Location: 70 Pangee St, Nyngan NSW 2825

9. The Big Koala – Victoria

big things in australia - the big koala
Source: @lonelyspiritsfilm

This friendly giant stands in honour of Sam the koala that stole the hearts of Australia in 2009 when a firefighter offered them a bottle of his water in the burned bushland during the Black Saturday bushfires. 

Situated between Stawell and Horsham the Big Koala makes for the perfect pitstop for a snack or meal at the restaurant, or to simply stop and feed the animals at the Native Farm Animal Zoo.

Location: 1821 Phillip Island Rd, Cowes VIC 3922

10. The Big Boxing Crocodile – Northern Territory

big things in australia - the big boxing crocodile
Source: landofthebigs.com

Another iconic Aussie Big Thing that you have to see is the Big Boxing Croc.

This giant stands with his mouth open, gloves on and ready to take down anyone. We’d recommend never squaring up to any type of crocodile, but it does make for a great photo. The Humpty Doo Croc was paid for by Ray Whear for tourists all over Australia to visit the Northern Territory while also being a celebration of Australia winning the 1983 America’s Cup.

Location: 340 Arnhem Hwy, Humpty Doo NT 0836

11. The Big Mango – Queensland

big things in australia - the big mango
Source: @lappin.around

Bowens’ two 10-metre-high mangoes represent the region’s famous Bowen mangoes, which are the largest in the world. 

In 2014 the mangoes made headlines all over the globe in a huge scandal where the Big Mango went missing overnight. It was later reported that the famous chicken restaurant Nandos was responsible for the stunt in an attempt to promote their new mango and lime-flavoured sauce – drama!

Location: 18305 Bruce Highway, Bowen, Whitsunday Area Queensland 4805

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