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Your Island Getaway Is Back On The Cards With $99 Flights To The Whitsundays

Your Island Getaway Is Back On The Cards With $99 Flights To The Whitsundays

flights to the whitsundays

Flights to the Whitsundays are currently less than your annual Netflix subscription.

With tourism’s current state, it’s fair to say that the big ‘Sail Croatia’ summer that you had planned isn’t going to happen this year.

*insert sad face*

But, your ultimate island getaway doesn’t have to be shelved just yet. With intrastate travel restrictions being lifted right around the country, so too are the travel restrictions to all our favourite Australian islands.

As of June 1, travel between Brisbane and one of Australia’s most idyllic island destinations – the Whitsundays – is once again allowed. In even better news, the flights are set to drop to prices that are almost unheard of within Australia.

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Flights to the Whitsundays $99.00
Source: Lily on Unsplash

In partnership with the Queensland government, Alliance Airlines will be slinging $99 flights to the Whitsundays from Brisbane. The flights will be taking off four times each week as of June 22 in a bid to bring tourism back to the tourism reliant region.

“We’re encouraging everyone from the southeast corner to come up and support the Whitsundays during a tough time,” said Tourism Minister, Kate Jones. “One in three people in this region work in the tourism industry; it’s worth almost a billion dollars to this region annually, and they have suffered significant blows with COVID-19.”

It’s hoped that with the introduction of $99 fights to the island, the hard-hit tourism sector will start its regeneration.

With Queenslanders just as eager to head off on a holiday as airlines are to have butts on seats, we’re willing to bet this new deal will be a massive success all round.

While travel within Queensland is now encouraged by the state government, the state’s borders will remain closed to the rest of Australia.

Feature image: Mark Nugent on Unsplash

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