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5 Photos That’ll Have You Hightailing It To Eagle Bay

5 Photos That’ll Have You Hightailing It To Eagle Bay

eagle bay

This little slice of the South West coast is as close as it gets to heaven on earth.

With its pristine Maldivian-blue waters and super low population density, Eagle Bay is the South West’s best-kept secret. You’ll be fighting to find a car park at the nearby Meelup Beach, but continue on down the road for just a few minutes, and you can have this magical place (almost) all to yourself.

Forget paying for the international airfare and a premium overwater bungalow. Brilliantly blue waters are just a 3-hour drive from Perth. Or, if you’re coming from interstate, a 36-minute drive from the Busselton airport.

Not all road trips are made equal, and the drive to Eagle Bay sits in the top percentile of amazing drives. Take the Eagle Bay-Meelup Drive through Meelup Regional Park, and soak up every minute of the postcard-perfect beachside drive. It’s the only place you’ll be forgiven for driving 20km/hr.

Eagle Bay is the South West’s best-kept secret

There are plenty of stunning, rocky turquoise bays you can stop at along the way. But, the real star of the show is (of course) ever-blue, Eagle Bay.

The best part? You might have to share the water with some dolphins or a school of fish, but this small, beachside town is so sparsely populated that it’s not unusual to be the only person on the beach. How’s that for luxurious?

So, have you started packing yet?

Top things to do in Eagle Bay

Feature image: Paul Pichugian

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Monique travelled to Eagle Bay as a guest of Margaret River. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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