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How To Fall In Love With Your City Again

How To Fall In Love With Your City Again

things to do in australia

Reconnect with your city by becoming an eager tourist for a day.

No doubt that the tourism industry had taken a hard-hitting blow thanks to 2020’s raging party crasher, COVID-19.

Instead of dwelling on how much the industry has suffered, it is time to make lemons out of lemonade. It’s time to appreciate what is on home turf, the areas you have forgotten about or seek out places worth discovering. So often we can get caught up with exploring elsewhere that we don’t even think about peeling back the layers of our hometown. And the people to guide you through your crusade of learning more about your city? Local tourism and hospitality operators. It’s a double-win as your city discovery helps to support their COVID-19 recovery!

Here we list the ways you can be a tourist for a day that’ll make you fall in love with your city all over again.

1. Take part in a walking tour

Maybe you have lived in your hometown all your life and think you know all about it. Or do you? Have your city trivia knowledge challenged by taking part in a walking tour around your city. Besides potentially discovering new places, artworks and making new mates along the way, you can up your understanding of your city’s history and why it is the place what it is today. Some tours are a bit more niche, with cheese tours a hit in Perth and thirsty tourists opting for a craft beer lovers’ tour in Melbourne.

There are a sleuth of walking tours in each major city across Australia, some operate on a free basis with tipping encouraged at the end while others are at a fixed price. Either way, what you will get our of reconnecting with your city on foot is priceless.

2. Head to a wildlife park

Australia is pretty lucky to have incredible native wildlife – and super cute that smile back too (yes, thinking about those quokkas!). Better yet, you don’t necessarily have to go into the bush or remote to find these living and breathing Aussie mascots. Head to your city’s wildlife park and be a tourist again for a day and be wowed with our furry, feathery and scaly island residents. 

3. Discover the local food scene

Part of travelling abroad is about tasting the flavours of it on your fork. Seek out the best of your city’s hospitality scene by hitting up the latest restaurants or visit the renowned faithfuls that have seen generations flow through its doors to gobble up their signature dish. Heading out and grabbing a feed is not only fuelling your stomach with good tucker but also fuelling the hospitality sector with much-needed love!

Or take things back to basics and check out the major food markets of your city (once restrictions have been lifted). Visit the markets that tourists usually flock to Queen Victoria, Paddy’s, Fremantle, Adelaide Central and Brisbane Markets. Try the latest street foods to hit the scene or buy some local produce and recreate your favourite dishes at home with supporting local growers and merchants. Otherwise, look up farmers markets in your local neighbourhood and surrounds. You’ll be surprised with what you may find!

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4. Head to a museum or art gallery

Learning ain’t boring.

Get educated and experience something new (and old) heading to a museum. Not all museums are a yawn fest or overwhelming with information. Some offer a quirky insight into another world such as Australia’s first and only video game museum, The Nostalgia Box in Perth or enter the world of Snugglepot & Cuddlepie author May Gibb’s Nutcote in Sydney.

Be amazed by the storage space at Museum Discovery Centre, housing props and relics from cult Australian classic, ‘The Adventure of Priscilla Queen of the Desert’ and Sydney Olympic Games memorabilia. Want to see something Spectacular Spectacular? Be wowed with showstoppers galore at the sight of this unique fairground collection at the Fairground Follies, located just 1.5 hours outside of Sydney. 

See something timeless at an art gallery. Be inspired by the sculptures’ in your city and beyond with checking out their latest works. This colourful walk around the gallery may even encourage you to get creative at home!

5. Urban outdoor activities

Dreaming of kayaking along the Toronto harbourfront? Been inching to hike the largest urban forest in Rio de Janeiro? You can replicate these epic, muscle-pumping adventures with crossing off outdoor activities in your own backyard. Think of embarking on Sydney’s Bondi to Coogee walk or discovering walking trails in Perth’s Kings Park and Botanical Garden or Adelaide’s Morialta First Falls Valley. There are countless of beautiful walks to find out within your city’s radius. 

Check out the outdoor rental companies in your city to hire a kayak, canoe and experience your city from a fresh, new angle in nature.

Need inspiration becoming a tourist in your city?

Discover things to do by checking into your city’s official guide, including walking tours, wildlife parks, museums and art galleries and beyond:





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