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These Are The Pacific Bubble’s Top Micro-Regions To Visit In 2021

These Are The Pacific Bubble’s Top Micro-Regions To Visit In 2021

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Great Southern Region, Arnhem Land and French Polynesia will be among the hottest micro-regions to see in 2021.

Let’s be real here; we have no idea when travel goes back to its pre-COVID days were the thought of isolating, quarantining and social distancing was not even the slightest on our radar when it came to action or conversation. Oh gosh, how we miss the good ol’ days! But, let’s not dwell on the former life. Let’s be upbeat on something that is potentially not that far off our travelling radar here in Australia: A Pacific Bubble.

With restrictions easing and contraction rates plummeting thanks to everyone being good citizens and washing those hands, we are on the course being united with some parts of the world again.

But how and where will we travel?

Travel platform Vacaay revealed in its latest fingures based on 150,000 users in Australia and New Zealand which spots are the go-to’s and how people will travel in the new year. The findings take into consideration the smallest-biggest elephant in the room (COVID) and remaining optimistic about a Pacific Bubble for travel. The Pacific Bubble is purposed to include nations such as Australia, New Zealand and neighbouring Pacific Islands.

One thing evident is that people are looking for a change in their future travels with those offbeat destinations now at the forefront of future travel.

See the top five micro-regions in 2021 below:

Mo’orea, French Polynesia

Great Southern Region, Western Australia

Whitsundays, Queensland

Canterbury, New Zealand (South Island)

Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

The findings also revealed that people are keen to change the way that they travel with slow travel being are the forefront of future getaways.

See the top travel trends for 2021 below:

Slow travel

Offline travel

Splurge travel

Restorative travel

Feature image: Vacaay

With all this talk of a Pacific Travel Bubble, let’s just hope the bubble doesn’t burst!

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