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WA’s Top Photography Influencers Reveal Their Perth Instagram Spots So Snap Away

WA’s Top Photography Influencers Reveal Their Perth Instagram Spots So Snap Away

perth instagram spots

Follow the pros to capture Perth’s best Instagram spots.

Perth is an easy place to let loose with a camera. It’s a photographer’s playground with a swag of natural landscapes, architectural delights and buzzing atmospheres that provide the perfect Instagram backdrop. 

To help you plan your next ‘gram-worthy trip around Perth, we have enlisted the help of Perth’s top photography influencers to reveal their all-time favourite Instagram spots (excluding the uber-popular Boat Shed and Kings Park) and how to capture them at their best angle.

Optus Stadium, East Perth

Perth's Best Instagram Locations - Optus Stadium

When talking Perth’s best Instagram locations obviously we can’t exclude the most beautiful stadium in the world – Optus Stadium.

“It’s hard to look past Optus Stadium for top places in Perth to let loose with the camera. Surrounded by the Swan River and accompanied by the Matagarup Bridge, the Stadium and its grounds don’t have a bad angle. Additionally, the palm trees give it that Perthifornian vibe and the curious swans can take your photo to the next level. My tip is to go on a still morning, and from the East Perth shore, you’ll get an amazing reflection of the stadium and bridge. However, if you’re not a morning person a sunset from the stadium grounds will give you that warm light and great views of the city for that perfect photo.”

Lucas Pickering, @el.picko 
Website: El Picko Photography

Serpentine Falls

Perth's Best Instagram Locations: The Definitive List

“I love Serpentine Falls and its surrounding landscape because it offers a wide range of photographic opportunities. Very easily accessible with a decent amount of parking and facilities for the family, it is unsurprising that it is one of the most popular spots to visit south of the river. From there you can access Kitty’s Gorge Walk Trail (approx 14km) that will take you all the way up to Jarrahdale where you will pass lots of beautiful scenery and some wild kangaroos along the way.”

Stuart Mckay, @stumckay
Website: Stu Mckay Photo 

Chinatown, Northbridge

Perth's Best Instagram Locations: The Definitive List

“Northbridge is such an interesting and vibrant place to shoot. I love the contrast of the older buildings with the trendy street art giving it a contemporary vibe. Chinatown is one of my favourite places to eat as there’s plenty of delicious food, so I wanted to shoot something fun to promote it and show off its lively atmosphere.

To capture the indoor light effectively, I reduced the shutter speed, so I had to hold the noodles as still as possible. A good tip for self-portraits which require a still pose is to shoot a moment of an action (eating in this case) and remember to relax your face to breathe natural energy into the shot. After your lunchtime photoshoot be sure to walk around and look for the alleyways adorned with street art for a fun photo backdrop too!”

Roxanne Taylor, @roxannetaylormedia
Website: Roxanne Taylor Media

Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

Perth's Best Instagram Locations: The Definitive List

“Drive 45-minutes south of Perth to discover the astonishing wildlife on our doorstep at Penguin Island in Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. Hop on a 10-minute ferry ride and be greeted with crystal clear waters, sparkling white sand and of course the main tenants (and ever so cute at that!), the fairy penguins.

Whether you want to chill out on the island all day with a picnic or grab your kayak or paddleboards and cruise around, you will have your chance to spot dolphins, sea lions, stingrays and much more. If kayaking is not your thing, hop onboard one of the guided tours where you will see plenty of wildlife and even have a chance to swim with the dolphins.

Penguin Island is a magical place. Enjoy every moment but also have respect for its inhabitants. Just make sure when you photograph the wildlife, keep at a reasonable distance not to disturb them in their natural environment.”

Mark Randall, @my_vision_photography
Website: My Vision Photography


Fremantle - Perth's Best Instagram Locations

“The number one spot for a great shot for me is Fremantle. The North Mole and South Mole Lighthouses are great places to watch the sun go down, have a breath of fresh air and snap a colourful shot. I also find it mesmerising how the sun sets on the Dingo Flour Mill and feel jolly when photographing the Rainbow Sea Containers.”

Viktoria Dorosevits, @travelizer
Website: Travelizer Blog

Mundaring Weir

Perth's Best Instagram Locations: The Definitive List

“One of my favourite spots in Perth for capturing photos is Mundaring Weir. It is a short 45-minute drive from Perth CBD, and there is much to do and see around this area. During the day, walk across the Mundaring Weir and trek some of the Railway Reserve Heritage Trail. And when the sun goes down the valley, it makes for an ideal spot to do some stargazing at the Perth Observatory.” 

Colm Doyle, @colm.snaps
Website: Colm Doyle

South Perth Foreshore

South Perth foreshore - Perth's Best Instagram Locations

Definitely one of Perth’s best Instagram locations and one of the best spots to truly capture the cityscape is the South Perth forshore.

“The South Perth foreshore has to be one of Perth’s best Instagram locations.

It has a heap of different angles of the city, each with their own features to add to your cityscape shot. Mill Point has the fishing jetty, surrounded by calm waters. St James Mitchell Park has a pond right next to the river to get beautiful reflection shots. Although my favourite has to be Coode Street Jetty. The locals at Coode Street make for great street photography, adding some life into our beautiful city scenescape.”

Tom Proudfoot, @tomproudfoot

Perth City Library

Perth's Best Instagram Locations: The Definitive List

“Perth City Library is one of my favourite spots in the city. Not only is it a great spot to read or work quietly, but it’s also a very nice place to hang out, see city views and have a coffee. Because of the building’s modern design featuring a spiral staircase, indoor tree and large windows for great lighting, it’s easy to get some nice photos here. It could be photos of yourself reading a book, enjoying the rooftop balcony or just of the beautiful interior design itself- it all looks great to me!”

Harry Cunningham,
Website: Harry Cunningham

Lake Clifton Thrombolites, Mandurah

Lake Clifton - Perth's Best Instagram Locations

“Nestled in Yalgorup National Park, about half an hour’s drive from Mandurah, sits Lake Clifton, home to the largest Thrombolite reef in the Southern Hemisphere. These close examples of living fossils can be seen year-round with viewing best observed on calm days. The meandering boardwalk provides an excellent viewing platform along with a unique experience from both ground and air. 

The best time to take photos is in the late afternoon. Long shadows produced from the boardwalk look stunning from the air, the soft light will also help to capture the ‘insta worthy’ shots from the boardwalk, and if you’re lucky you’ll get to experience an epic Western Australian sunset. With light pollution being minimal, astrophotography will thrive. Lake Clifton simply has something for everyone.”

Mitchell Clarke, @mkz.imagery
Website: MKZ Imagery

Bell Rapids, Brigadoon

Perth's Best Instagram Locations: The Definitive List

“We are so lucky in Perth to have so many amazing places for us to explore all within a short drive from the city. One of my favourites is the Bells Rapids, located in Brigadoon and only a 50-minute drive from the CBD of Perth. 

The best time to visit is in winter or after rain to get the water flowing over the rapids. To capture the flowing rapids, I’d recommend using a sturdy tripod and an ND filter to allow you to use a slow shutter speed to smooth out the water, anywhere from 1 to 30 seconds is ideal for capturing a dreamy image.

If you’re a morning person it’s well worth watching the sun peak over the hills surrounding the rapids, and if you enjoy a hike there are also some trails on the other side of the bridge that take you through the bushland, you might even see a kangaroo or three!”

Rory Laurens, @rory.laurens

Tomato Lake, Kewdale

Perth's Best Instagram Locations: The Definitive List

“From the sparkling lake and wetlands to the abundance of birdlife and trees, and all boardwalks and trails in between, Tomato Lake has something for everyone.

If you’re looking to get some great photos, we recommend visiting at sunset. Watching the sun go down while the lake lights up with reflective colours is truly beautiful. You can also try and shoot a sun-sparkle through one of the many lone trees (our favourite is the fig tree on the south-east side). Alternatively, if you’re an early riser, try and shoot at sunrise (particularly in winter!). The layer of fog that sits on top of the lake creates such a unique, misty feel – a special way to start the day!”  

Charlotte and James Maddock, @cjmaddock
Website: Away with CJ

Mullaloo, Trigg and North Beaches

Perth's Best Instagram Locations: The Definitive List

“My top Instagram spots along the coast are a split between Mullaloo, North and Trigg Beaches. Both North and Trigg Beach have a great reef, cliffs and excellent surf spots. Mullaloo Beach has a calm, relaxed feel as the beach is flat and protected from the wind. 

My tip for creating the perfect Instagram shot is to practice. The more photos you get with different angles and perspectives gives you a better idea of what you like and Perth’s coastline is a perfect place to start!”

Jason Reynolds, @reynolds__jason
Website: Silky Scenes

Feature image: Roxanne Taylor

Article first published on So Perth – Perth’s Best Instagram Locations: The Definitive List

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