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Perth Travel Guide: How To Get Around Perth

Travellers guide on how to travel around Perth and the surrounds.

Perth Travel Guide: How To Get Around Perth

Travellers guide on how to travel around Perth and the surrounds.
Perth Travel Guide: How To Get Around Perth

WA has finally opened its borders to the rest of the world. Here is a Perth travel guide on how to get to some of our best attractions cheaply and easily. 

Public transport

If you’re going to be using public transport, you’re best off getting a Transperth Smartider card. They can be bought at Transperth InfoCentres or Transperth retail outlets. 

With this, you get a fare discount and daily maximum spend. You’ll need to load it with some cash (there is a $10 minimum), and then you’re ready to go. 

Typically, fares only cost a few dollars for rides within and close to the city. 


Perth’s rail network is an easy and convenient way to get across the city and surrounding suburbs. Within the city centre, there’s a free transit zone for trains travelling between City West, Elizabeth Quay, and Claisebrook stations. 

You’ll need a smartrider to take advantage of the free fares. 

A few of the attractions you can reach in this zone are the Art Gallery of Western Australia, the Western Australian Museum and the many bars and restaurants in Northbridge. 


Perth has a free bus service in the city centre and Fremantle, called CAT buses. 

They depart every 5-15 minutes between 6 am and 7 pm most days and take loop routes, making it easy to navigate around all parts of the city and Freo. 

Public services stretch from Perth Busport or Elizabeth Street Bus Station to attractions further out of the city. From here you can easily get to Kings Park & Botanical Garden or the Perth Zoo. 


If you’re looking to jump across the pond (AKA the Swan River), you can catch a Ferry from Elizabeth Quay Jetty, which departs for Mends Street Jetty every 15-30 minutes between 6:30 AM and 11:30 PM. You can also get to the Zoo from here.

Unless you have a boat (or you’re a VERY strong swimmer), you’ll need to take the Rottnest Express, Rottnest Fast Ferries or the SeaLink to reach Rottnest Island, where you can take a selfie with the famously adorable Quokka. 

To and from the airport 

Public buses are an easy way to get to Perth Airport from the city. You’ll want to take the 380 bus from Elizabeth Quay station in downtown to get to terminals 1 and 2. For terminals 3 and 4, you’ll need to take the 40 bus.

Each of these run every half hour.

What about down south?

If you’re heading to the Busselton/Margaret River region, you’re probably better off hiring a car. 

If you’re flying into Busselton via the Jetstar Melbourne-Busselton direct air service, a range of services are available like Avis, Hertz Busselton and Busselton & South West Car Hire.

Margaret River Rent a Car is also just outside the township.

Public transport is limited to main routes, however, private charters are available from many local companies.

Whether it’s by sea, air or land, there are plenty of ways to get around and explore the wonderful city of Perth.

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