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Time To Cross-Country As Qantas And Jetstar Are Bringing Back Domestic Flights

Time To Cross-Country As Qantas And Jetstar Are Bringing Back Domestic Flights

qantas and jetstar domestic flights

Dust off your carry on luggage and book Qantas or Jetstar domestic flights.

Grab some glasses and pour the champers because Qantas and Jetstar have announced that the number of domestic routes in operation will be increased as of July 1, helping to bridge the gap between loved ones and sate traveller’s wanderlust.

qantas and jetstar domestic flights

With Australia well on the road to post-COVID-19 recovery, the travel industry is slowly beginning to bounce back. Though it’s been road-tripping, caravanning, and camping that have seen the biggest up-spike since restrictions eased, Qantas and Jetstar are soon hoping to cash in on Aussies’ eagerness to travel too.

By the end of June, both airlines will increase their capacity from 5% of pre-coronavirus levels to 15%. All up, that’s over 300 more return flights scheduled to take off each week – quiet the presumptive move by the airline, but one that will make all the difference when hard borders within the country are dropped.

It’s also great news for employees of the airlines after some 20,000 people were stood down at the onset of the pandemic. Though 300 more flights a week won’t see the entire workforce resume their duties, it’s surely some uplifting news for those employed by Australia’s national airlines.

Feature image: John Kappa on Unsplash

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