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The Southern Lights Flight Is The Only In-Flight Entertainment You’ll Ever Want

The Southern Lights Flight Is The Only In-Flight Entertainment You’ll Ever Want

southern lights

It’s about time the Southern Lights captures the limelight.

Ever dreamt witnessing the sky dance with the Northern Lights? The dream of seeing magical aurora has never been closer with adventure travel company Chimu Adventures bringing us closer to the light that’s closer to home – the Southern Lights.

Chimu Adventures has announced it is launching flyby scenic flights over the Southern Ocean that will give people the ultimate joyride in the sky view the natural phenomena, also known as the Aurora Australis. The incredible natural show of light occurs when charged particles from the sun become caught in the Earth’s magnetic field. The outcome is a bright one, with rays of colour dancing in the sky.

The special 10-hour flight will depart and return to Australia’s major domestic terminals, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. It will be worth the sleepless night with flights departing at night and returning just in time for breakfast aboard a Qantas Boeing 789 Dreamliner. The Dreamliner boasts larger windows than other Boeing aircraft to take advantage of the vivid spectacle. The flight will also include a seat swapping structure to make the Southern Lights at maximum viewing pleasure.

Flight dates are scheduled in 2021 to coincide with the autumn equinox, with the Southern Lights at their brightest and occurring more frequently. A team of expert astronomers will be on board to provide information from how the aurora is created, point out constellations, stars and planets that have rarely been witnessed before in this part of the world. A professional photographer will also be on board to assist those snap-happy folks on how to capture the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The flight is sure to deliver the best in-flight entertainment one could ever imagine!

The details

Chimu Adventures – Southern Lights flights are from $1295 per person and depart from the following cities in 2021:

Sydney – 9 April and 15 May
Melbourne – 10 April and 5 June
Perth – 8 May
Brisbane – 14 May

Feature image: Raul Popadineți on Unsplash

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