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Top 5 Things To Do In Canberra According To Tripadvisor

Take in Australia's rich history.

Top 5 Things To Do In Canberra According To Tripadvisor

Take in Australia's rich history.
things to do in canberra - parliament house

Explore Australia’s capital: best things to do in Canberra

Aside from being the home of politics, Canberra has a heap of tourist options for travellers wanting to take on the Australian capital.

Known for its sweeping nature reserves, vibrant history, surrounding mountain ranges, galleries, museums, and sprawling city life, Canberra (or the ACT) has it all in a hub of classic experiences and exciting adventures rolled into an educational trip.

But where to begin?

Tripadvisor has revealed five of the best things to do in Canberra so you can plan your trip perfectly.

1. Women’s History Walking Tour with Local Guide

Given the iconic history of the city, the Women’s History Walking Tour takes first spot as one of the best things to do in Canberra.

This tour will take you through a side of history that is often overlooked, walking through well-known attractions like the National Archives, the High Court, and Old Parliament House as you listen to the lesser-known stories of the women behind Canberra. It’s the best insider access you’ll get to some pretty important places, plus a stop at a few sites you might miss on your own like the Ladies Rose Garden.

Top 5 Things To Do In Canberra According To Tripadvisor

2. Canberra Scavenger Hunt: ART In Canberra

The Let’s Roam scavenger hunt app lets you see the best of Canberra with plenty of fun challenges and stops.

Users will walk to all the best landmarks while also discovering some hidden gems, with trivia questions and problem-solving games along the way. You can either work with your team or compete against each other with an activity that will have you learning and having heaps of fun along the way. It’s also a super cheap option compared to other tours and can be done any time you like.

3. Building + Architecture Tour

Heading off daily at 10 am or 2 pm, this one-hour guided building tour is a great way to learn on a visit to the National Museum of Australia.

You’ll get to learn about all the amazing stories under the incredible structure and discover the hidden meanings behind the museum’s unique building, design, and landscape with a super-knowledgeable guide. After you’ve experienced the tour you can go take in the Museum yourself, there’s always an exciting calendar of events and exhibitions with plenty of unique things to see and do.

Top 5 Things To Do In Canberra According To Tripadvisor

4. Canberra Small Group Winery Tour

This region is known for its cool climate wines, and you’ll get to experience them all on this intimate tour.

It’s a deep dive into Canberra’s food and drinks scene with a behind-the-scenes look at boutique wineries and artisan producers and samples of the finest wines. You’ll get to see how beer is made (and taste it too) focus in on the wine-making scene and indulge in tastings all day with a one-course lunch to break it all up.

5. Twilight Tour

Rounding out the best things to do in Canberra is a Twilight Tour through Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary.

The sanctuary offers a refuge for animals that haven’t been found on mainland Australia for up to a century after our Box Gum Grassy Woodlands ecosystem has been largely destroyed.

The occupants here include Eastern Bettongs, Quolls, and the mysterious Bush Stone Curlew, so you’ll be getting up close with some totally unique and rare wildlife on a hike through threatened bushland that’s been on the verge of extinction for over a century. It’s not only an important tour to raise awareness, but to take in some sights that some may never see again.

Top 5 Things To Do In Canberra According To Tripadvisor


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