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Europe Travel Hacks To Make Your Euro Trip Awesome (And Cheaper)

Europe Travel Hacks To Make Your Euro Trip Awesome (And Cheaper)

Europe travel hacks

Take advantage of the tried and tested Europe travel hacks to help save you extra holiday coin.

As we have just gone over the hump of summer and realise that autumn and then winter is upon us, many of us look towards Europe as the place to revive our sun-kissed summer glow. 

To make your Euro trip reign supreme, here are our best Europe travel hacks to help save coin so put away the umbrella and long live summer.

Hotels Tonight

Sometimes the best plan is no plan and when you find yourself caught up needing a hotel on the day of arrival into your said European locale, Hotel Tonight has got your back (and wallet). Hotel Tonight offers heavily discounted last-minute hotel deals on rooms on the day of booking so bid farewell paying top dollar for your ultra last-minute decision making.

BlaBla Car

BlaBla Car is almost like UberPool – but next level. Going from A to B in Europe can sometimes get pricey; however, BlaBla Car allows you to cut down on costs with its long-distance carpooling service. It connects drivers with empty seats to people travelling in the same direction or destination. 


Oldie but a goodie, the Skyscanner app is excellent as a starting point to discover the cheapest flights and most convenient routing to get to your destination on the go. Use as a guide only as its third party link may appear higher than initially picked.


Have a local experience by immersing yourself in the local neighbourhood, in someone’s empty apartment or spare room with Airbnb. There is no doubt Airbnb has shaken up the hotel industry and opened up a world of different accommodation types. If traditional accommodation options are considered to be a bit too pricey, check out Airbnb for cheaper alternatives – and a unique experience also!

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Europe Travel Hacks To Make Your Euro Trip Awesome (And Cheaper)

Luggage Hero

Checked out of your accommodation and in that limbo of travelling somewhere else – but in a few hours? Save dragging the suitcase all over town as Luggage Hero allows you to find somewhere deposit your bag close by for your chosen duration 24/7. From small cafes to newsagencies and all in between, your luggage will be stored away for a few euros, allowing you to be that extra Dolce Vita while in transit.

You have chosen your destination, awesome stuff! Where to call home for the night? Now that’s another thing! Mega search engine, is a great place to start to get those feelers on what accommodation is available, allowing you to match it with what budget you have set aside. Effortless and easy to use to find your place for a good night’s sleep.

Top tip: read the reviews before you book away!


In need of a cheap bed to crash for the night? Or are you looking to make new friends along your travels around Europe? The world’s number one hostel booking app, Hostelworld is a top choice to find your new social wonderland as well as a bargain bed for the night.

Top tip: check out if your hostel even offers free breakfast or activities. After all, the best things in life are free, right?

The Fork

Bon appetit for less with the leading online restaurant discovery app, The Fork. Powered by TripAdvisor, The Fork lets you discover restaurants close by to you. Better yet, many restaurants may have discounts on offer where you can receive up to 50% off your total bill. The more you book through the app, the more your dinners become discounted as each booking receives YAMS which translates to dollar credits on your account to score yourself a free feed in your selected destination. 

Editors note: this app was used to its fullest potential when dining out around France!

XE Currency Converter

Foreign currency may at first seem like Monopoly money once you cash out. It’sIt’s colourful, it’s new and yet you have no idea what the conversion rate its like – and that is where you may spend more than what you initially thought! Ekk! Unlike Monopoly money, it’s real, so get on top with your new favoured currency by using the XE Currency Converter app to make all those tricky conversions seem effortless. (And go easy on the mathematical workout!)


Travelling with mates and want to equally ”shout” each other a tour, meal and drinks? Keep things even and avoid those sometimes uncomfortable conversations about who owes who and download the Splitwise app. It keeps track on who flashed cash where and when and how you can all be square in the end.

Europe Travel Hacks To Make Your Euro Trip Awesome (And Cheaper)

Get Your Guide

In a destination and have no idea where to start on what to do and see? It looks like someone didn’t make an excel spreadsheet on what they were going to do on their holiday! Not that person? It’s all good as the Get Your Guide app opens up a world of tour possibilities around the world. Find and compare sightseeing activities has never been so easy – without the spreadsheet!

Like A Local Guide

Want some local recommendations, but er, don’t know a local? Skip the tourist traps and take on advice written by locals on the Like A Local Guide app. Find cafes, bars, restaurants and off the beaten track gems from the generous guidance of local ambassadors who are only too happy to share you their favourite picks in their home city. Happy exploring on using the ultimate Europe travel hack app on a grassroots level.


Paper maps – remember those? The Citymapper app is a fantastic tool with helping you navigate your way around a new city and even suggests the best route by fare. The app can also be used offline, so forget about your overseas data roaming being chewed up!


To fly, to train or bus or boat? That is the question! Omio (formerly Go Euro) helps you to discover your best travelling route in Europe with comparing the price and time it will take to you to reach your chosen destination. Save time and money for life on the road!

Images sourced: Get Your Guide

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