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The Ultimate Paris Tips To Get Your Mood Board Ready For 2022

The Ultimate Paris Tips To Get Your Mood Board Ready For 2022

The Architecture Lover's Guide to Paris

Paris is always a good idea.

Home of the Eiffel, the Avant-garde, and a famous half-smile, Paris is just one of those places where it is hard not to be enchanted by it or put under the heavenly spell of wines, cheeses, and croissants. But beyond the usual Pictionary of things to associate Paris with, there is much more to uncover.

To get our fix for the City of Love, we chat with the Australian author of ‘The Architecture Lover’s Guide to Paris’, Ruby Boukabou, as she reveals her top tips to experience a different side to the city. We won’t blame you for getting the mood board (or cheeseboard) ready with these creme de la creme Parisian pointers!

My favourite Parisian hidden architectural delight is…

There are many! One would be the artwork on the house of Nicolas Flamel. Flamel was an alchemist, bookseller and philanthropist and this building – now a restaurant – is considered the oldest stone house in Paris, dating back to 1407. It’s on a narrow street in the Marais. 

When you get close, you’ll notice four charming musician angels carved on the façade and feel touched and transported. 

The Ultimate Paris Tips To Get Your Mood Board Ready For 2022
When Ruby imitates art. Source: Ruby Boukabou

Besides the Eiffel Tower, the best vantage to see Paris is from….

One particularly stunning view is from Perruche, the rooftop bar on the top of the menswear section of the Printemps department store. From here, you can gaze over the boulevards, the grand neoclassical Madeleine church, the iconic Haussmannian apartment blocks and across to the Eiffel Tower.  

Move over Louvre, the art gallery you must visit is…

The small galleries are fabulous to discover, and there are literally hundreds of them. I’ve grouped some of them into areas in my book so that people can just head there (The Marais, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Belleville to name a few) and explore several on the same trip.

If you go at the end of the day on a Thursday, you’re likely to find an exhibition opening where you can discover new artists and mingle with arty Parisians. Otherwise, for something bold and swish, head to Palais de Tokyo, which features a great restaurant and bar to go to afterwards, Monsieur Bleu.

Paris’s best underground attraction…

The jazz clubs! These include the historic Caveau des Oubliettes and Caveau de la Huchette in the Latin Quarter.  

Foodies must visit…

There are sooooo many good places! Begin by visiting the Marché des Enfants Rouges, the oldest covered market (since 1628) at 39 Rue de Bretagne in the Marais and you can stock up on delicious cheeses and other products then stay for lunch. Grab a copy of Helen Massy-Beresford’s The Food Lover’s Guide to Paris for many more ideas.

The Ultimate Paris Tips To Get Your Mood Board Ready For 2022
Ruby checking out the hidden art spots of Paris. Source: Ruby Boukabou

My favourite local experience is…

My daily jog in the vast, stunning Buttes Chamaunt park clears my head, re-oxygenates me and make the rest of the day feel good. Long picnic dinners with friends during summer is also a favourite pastime.  

The annual cultural event you cannot miss… 

La Fête de la Musique… it celebrates the beginning of summer (21st June), and there is music all through the city in the bars, cafés and on the streets until the early hours. I usually spend it performing with my Paris Tap Crew or Le Shuffle Project, then hopping from concert to concert and enjoying the street party.

Something that surprises people about Paris…

It’s not actually that big (compared to a city like London). You can walk to many places and then hop on the metro for a few minutes or jump on a public bike. It’s easy to whip about and good for walking off the croissants and fromage!

Top tip for when travelling to Paris…

Allow yourself to get lost, look up, notice monuments, read the plaques, scrutinise the details, sit at the bar in the café and strike up a conversation with the bartender for more local tips. Or try one of my six walking tours featured in the book. 

Check out the preview of ‘The Architecture Lover’s Guide to Paris’:

‘The Architecture Lover’s Guide to Paris’ is out now from Booktopia and other leading online retailers. 

Follow Ruby Boukabou on her website RubyTV and her IG @rubytv

Feature image: John Towner on Unsplash

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