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12 Travel Shows And Series To Watch On Netflix

12 Travel Shows And Series To Watch On Netflix

Let Netflix take you around the world while you couch and chill.

It’s an understatement to say that we live in surreal times dealing with border closures, grounded flights, crushed travel plans – ugh!

The travel itch may be hard to scratch, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still feel connected and inspired by stories and places from this wonderful world of ours. Thankfully on the screen we can still live out our travel dreams with shows on food, nature, epic adventures and cultural insights having us feeling excited about the t-word. Just think of it as research for your bucket list.

So, relax and recline as we take off with our list of 12 travel shows and series to watch on Netflix.

Dark Tourist

Many of us conjure travelling as a happy, fun thing to do, but some seek out the darkness.

Drawn to the weirder side of life, host David Farrier explores the global phenomenon of dark tourism by travelling the world to visit the unusual – and mostly morbid – places that have caused despair. David reveals being forced out of his comfort zone to visit these sinister spots – such as ancient ruins, crime scenes, nuclear-affected areas – makes him happy to be alive.

Down to Earth with Zac Efron

Adopted Australian and eco-warrior Zac Efron’s much-hyped travel series Down to Earth is one to encourage serious change with a heartfelt message. Together with wellness expert Darin Olien, Zac travels around the world to spotlight different ways of sustainable living. The show offers new perspectives on old problems and makes you rethink how you consume. Besides showcasing what’s good in the world, Zac’s wit and charm makes the show all the more pleasing.

Expedition Happiness

A filmmaker and his musician girlfriend may make you consider living in a refurbished school bus following their epic adventures crossing continents. In this documentary, the couple shares the highs and lows of their journey from North America to South America with their dog in tow and all captured on camera.

The Chef Show

Talk about a bromance inspired by food! Writer and director Jon Favreau and chef Roy Choi bonded over filming Favreau’s hit film Chef and fast forward. Now they have reunited for this travelogue series inspired by food.

The show features the duo travelling to different locations mixing in with accomplished chefs and celebrity friends to showcase culinary masterpieces, recipes and their passion for what’s on the plate.

Tales by Light

If you are in the mood for a full-on binge day (or night), flick on Tales by Light. Over three seasons the docuseries showcases the world through the lens of photographers and filmmakers capturing the people, places, creatures and cultures they encounter from refreshing angles.

Dawn Wall

Does the thought of free-climbing make your fingers tingle? Dawn Wall documents free-climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson’s gripping (literally) journey to climb Yosemite’s most challenging rock formation.

The documentary dives into the preparation the climbers undertook to make the world-record climb and their motivations for embarking on such a daunting challenge.

Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father

Would you ever call on your dad to be your travel sidekick? English comedian Jake Whitehall drags his dad Michael to have adventures in foreign lands. It may sound like a nightmare for some, but the ying-and-yang travelling duo’s escapades couldn’t be more amusing as they work through their differences and strengthen their bond.

Magical Andes

The mountains are calling, and you must tune in. From surf to snow, take a journey through South America’s mountains and meet the people whose bond with the Andes has led them to a unique way of life.

Pedal the World

Many of us like to catch a plane/train/bus/boat to our next travel destination but not Felix Starck. Felix’s self-produced documentary highlights his bicycle journey, cycling over 20,000km across 22 countries in one single year.

His legwork and endurance to keep going is inspiring and may motivate you to jump on the bike and ride who knows where.

Street Food Asia

The creators behind Chef’s Table have whipped up another food show with a difference.

This series takes you to destination flavour – Asia. From the streets of Bangkok to Chiayi in Taiwan, you will go on a cultural journey and learn the personal stories from the people who create these delicious, no thrills eats.

Street Food Latin America

Like Street Food Asia, there is also a Latin America edition. This series features chefs sharing their stories on how they marry tradition with innovation when creating their flavoursome street food fare.

100 Days of Solitude

Will silence and solitude soon be as rare as gold?

Spanish photographer José Díaz takes the notion of remote work and living up a notch by spending 100 days alone on a remote mountain. The self-filmed documentary is set on a northern mountain in Spain and focuses on José‘s journey to develop a deep connection to nature and appreciation of surroundings. 

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