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Airbnb Are Bringing Their Catalogue Of Host Experiences To You In Isolation

Airbnb Are Bringing Their Catalogue Of Host Experiences To You In Isolation

Airbnb online experiences dogs of chernobyl

Airbnb is making it possible for you to meditate with Buddhist monks, or hang out with an Olympic bobsledder, all from the comfort of your home.

Ever fancied meeting the dogs of Chernobyl? A more appropriate question is probably: did you even know that you could?! Maybe you’ve always wanted to make fresh pasta with an Italian local? Or perhaps you’re interested in finding out all the secrets of Lisbon-based drag queens over a cup or two of fresh-made sangria?

While we can’t encourage you to physically get out and have these experiences around the world right now, we can certainly point you in the direction of Airbnb Online Experiences who – thanks to the ‘rona – have brought their quirky tours, classes, and experiences online.

Drag queens and sangria Airbnb online experiences
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Off the back of their wildly successful accommodation booking website, Airbnb launched its Airbnb Experiences arm in 2016. The intention was to showcase the destinations you’ve booked a stay at in finer detail and boy, did they deliver! Utilising the Airbnb hosts’ interests, passions, and personal knowledge of their city or town, the experiences Airbnb have on offer go well beyond your cookie-cutter tour or class.

So long as we’re all self-isolating like the law-abiding citizens we are, it’s impossible for us to enjoy these experiences as we would have just a few months ago. But, Airbnb Online Experiences is here to get you involved with these (slightly modified) experiences one way or another. The freshly rebranded arm of the business gives you unprecedented online access to hosts and their skills, from over 30 different countries.

There are currently more than 50 unique online experiences to choose from; all run through the host’s Zoom account. Experiences start from as little as $6.00. That’s a small price to pay for a fun cultural experience that, even if just for a moment, will transport you somewhere other than your own lounge room!

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