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Hostelworld Launches ‘Beds For Backpackers’ For Stranded Travellers

Hostelworld Launches ‘Beds For Backpackers’ For Stranded Travellers

beds for backpackers

Sleep tight as Hostelworld has got travellers covered with ‘Beds For Backpackers’.

For many of us, we could only dream of being happily stranded somewhere else in the world but for many, being stranded was an unexpected reality for many travellers caught out abroad in the Coronavirus pandemic.

As a backpacker, it could sometimes be a painstaking task to find where you are going to call home for the night aboard, let alone find yourself unexpectedly stranded in a foreign land without any grand plan. With many travellers’ dreams coming to a grinding halt due to the pandemic, not all were able to make it home due to travel lockdowns.

There are still many backpackers (overseas and in Australia) who need a safe place to stay and are struggling to cover the accommodation costs for their surprise staycation. To help accommodate travellers during this unpredictable time, backpacker booking giant Hostelworld has launched ‘Beds for Backpackers’ to help those stranded here and abroad.

Hostelworld has partnered with hostels across the globe to offer free beds to all stranded travellers, not just customers. In some cases, hostels have asked travellers’ to volunteer their time in exchange for a free stay: a win for all involved.

Over 70 hostels across 35 countries are participating, and the number continues to grow, showcasing the best of what how the travelling community can band together. Australian mateship is on point too with a large number of Australian hostels signing up to the initiative, more than any other country globally.

Beds for Backpackers in Australia

  • Mad Monkey Coogee Beach, Sydney
  • Base Backpackers, Melbourne
  • United Backpackers, Melbourne 
  • Space Hotel, Melbourne
  • Mad Monkey on Broadway, Sydney
  • Big Hostel, Sydney
  • Base Sydney, Sydney
  • Home Backpackers, Sydney
  • The Pirates Backpackers Fremantle, West Australia
  • Brisbane Backpackers Resort, Queensland

Many say that travelling brings out the best in many and at this time, it really does go to show the hostels that will go that extra mile to make sure that travellers get a good night’s sleep.

See all global hostels participating in ‘Beds for Backpackers’

Feature image: Steven Lewis on Unsplash

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