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For The Beer Lovers: Enjoy A Beer Spa In Prague

For The Beer Lovers: Enjoy A Beer Spa In Prague

Beer Spa Prague

Treat your body inside and out.

While Prague is already a destination hot spot, known for its castles and general all-round beautiful city. But did you know they also have a Beer Spa?

That’s right move over standard craft beer tours or even moving pubs… there is now a Beer Spa.

Bathe in a tub full of beer

Yep, that’s right a Beer Spa is a thing and as it turns out Beer Spa Bernard in Prague is also disclaiming that there are actual health benefits to bathing in 300L of beer at a toasty 36C.

A soak in a tub full of beer can help cleanse your pores, improve pulmonary circulation, regenerate skin and hair… and lastly revitalise the nervous system.

That sounds like some impressive day spa health benefits.

Consume unlimited beer

For The Beer Lovers: Enjoy A Beer Spa In Prague

Even if you feel that the spa isn’t going to do everything mentioned above, at least you can have unlimited… that’s right unlimited beer as you pour your own draft beer from your personal tap during the session.

Need more beer health?

Of course you do!

Beer Spa Bernard in Prague also offer beer massages and salt caves where you can drink some more delicious beers while you relax.

So on your trip to Prague, make sure to add Beer Spa Bernard to your holiday to-do list.

Things to do in Prague

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