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Let 2021 Be The Year Of Antarctica With Penguins, Seals, Giant Glaciers Oh My!

Let 2021 Be The Year Of Antarctica With Penguins, Seals, Giant Glaciers Oh My!

how to go to antarctica

How to go to Antarctica? Well, we have an easy answer for you.

2020 saw travel plans being put on ice because of the C-word, but it’s time to look ahead into 2021 and maybe make putting things on ice a literal thing.

Polar expedition warriors Hurtigruten have released all-inclusive packages for epic voyages to Antarctica without the polar bear-sized price tag of yesteryear.

Packages to visit the white continent start from a cool $10,999* per person and include return flights from all major Australian capital cities from October 2021. (Perth folk: add an extra $300 per person onto your tab.) 

It’s hard not to be tempted to up your layer of clothing game and dash to Antarctica to experience seeing glaciers, icebergs and fearless wildlife – cutesy Gentoo penguins, Weddell seals, blue whales – right before your very eyes. 

There are various itineraries on offer, and if you really wanted to claim next-level adventurer bragging rights, you can choose to spend a night camping on an Antarctic beach or take a hike on ice. Guests can also live out their wildlife documentary aspirations by taking part in hands-on scientific research via the on-board science centres.

Now that is one way to shake off 2020 with the absolute chills.

Head to Hurtigruten to find out more about how to go to Antarctica ex Australia.

Feature image: Hurtigruten

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