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Keep That Bucket List Growing: Why We Will Continue To Talk Travel

Keep That Bucket List Growing: Why We Will Continue To Talk Travel

why we will talk travel

Your education on the world around you should not stop.

Oh, how things escalated.

It wouldn’t be right for the team at So Where Next to not correctly address the microscopic elephant in the room – COVID-19 aka the Coronavirus – while continuing to promote all that is good to explore and experience around the world.

No doubt that this moment in time is unprecedented, hard to fathom and simply incredible – of course, not for good reasons. The effect of coronavirus has not only had colossal impacts on the travel industry that the team at So Where Next lives and breathes, but ricocheted its havoc across countless industries and impacted the lives of many. It makes our heads spin just thinking about it – and we imagine yours too.

Adam, Monique and I began the So Where Next journey late December 2019 to inspire, educate and get people excited about the beautiful world and friendly faces that surround them. Our aim has not changed.

Understandably, many of us are discouraged or even forbidden to travel under government guidance. For how long, the future remains unknown.

What is known is that in time (and we do hope sooner rather than later), we will be able to once again to roam the world freely – and with people taking extra precautions we hope.

Travel provides escapism. It is a great teacher about oneself and the cultures, landscapes and environments that surround us all. Maybe traversing the world cannot happen in real-time however discovering new places and experiences can. After all, what intrigues you now can be one for the bucket list later.

At So Where Next, we will continue to provide upbeat travel stories, ideas and tips to bookmark for your future travels (when we all come out of this bad dream). With this in mind, we will not be irresponsible, ignore or be insensitive to what is going on around us in how we deliver our content.

We aim to remind you of the beauty in the world and to support our industry that is suffering – the tour operators, tourism boards, hotels, hospitality workers, and so forth. The travel and tourism industry is one of the largest industries in the world and for us to stop talking about it will do a disservice to many. We need to keep supporting it. Livelihoods depend on it. The plane, car, rail, bike, tuk-tuk wheels may have stopped, but we need to keep the messaging in motion.

Our content is created without the need to “go now, don’t delay.” Much of what we share with you has been shared in the hopes that you will consider the destination or activity later this year, next year, or even in five years time. Please keep that in mind with reading our content as we know that many of us cannot travel in the immediate future.

Already we are finding ourselves consuming content in a different way and doing other things to occupy our time. So in the meantime, we will be working on that too – delivering our content in a more fun and engaging way with our regular travel quizzes soon – stay tuned! Hey, you may even become a destination master, a sure top gun at the next quiz night!

But once this bad dream is over, the fear of contracting Coronavirus long gone, we hope that with our expert knowledge and soundly tips and advice, you have been inspired to travel or experience something anew.

So Where Next? Who knows – but we are sure that the bucket list of yours will be growing in the meantime!

Keep safe and be considerate of the world around you.

From the team at So Where Next – Julia, Adam and Monique

Updated: 31 March 2020.

Feature image: Julia D’Orazio

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