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Lonely Planet Experiences: Carbon-Neutral Tours Launched With Intrepid Travel

Lonely Planet Experiences: Carbon-Neutral Tours Launched With Intrepid Travel

Lonely Planet Experiences

Exploring the world while remaining carbon-neutral has never been easier.

Ever read an incredible travel itinerary and envisioned replicating the same route because it sounded like one amazing yet unusual of a trip of a lifetime?

Yep – I think we all have.

Thankfully, that dreamy itinerary is much easier to achieve with leading travelling innovators, travel publisher Lonely Planet and leading small groups adventurer operator Intrepid Travel today announcing a joint partnership in launching Lonely Planet Experiences.

Combining Intrepid Travel’s global network of local experts and the great knowledge of Lonely Planet editors, together they have launched a range of tours to get to the soul of destinations and regions in a responsible and sustainable manner. In a first, carbon-offset contributions are included in tour prices.

Lonely Planet Experiences range from multi-day trips in over 65 countries and over 200-day tours through Intrepid Travel’s day-tour operator company, Urban Adventures. From touring the lost world of Petra to getting a taste of multi-cultural Amsterdam in a day, these tours cover a range of wow-worthy experiences. Championing local businesses and supporting communities is a core component of each trip, with minimal environmental impacts felt.

These trips are designed with the independent traveller in mind who craves the freedom to explore but without the burden to plan for every fine detail. (Trust me, it can get tedious planning for every aspect of travel where to sleep, how to get there, where to eat, what attractions to see, deciphering what is authentic and what is not – you get my drift.)

Take the pain out of arranging your ultimate getaway by checking out what Lonely Planet Experiences suit your holiday pleasure while leaving minimal carbon footprint – now that’s travelling smart.

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Feature Image: Julia D’Orazio

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