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Heck Yes, Singapore Is Welcoming Aussies Back This Month

Heck Yes, Singapore Is Welcoming Aussies Back This Month

It’s one way to Singapore – for now.

It’s a good news Thursday because Singapore will once again be welcoming Aussies to their cosmopolitan island (bar our Victorian friends, sorry) from October 8th. Thanks to both Australia and Singapore’s comprehensive public health surveillance systems and very low infection rates, the country is confident in lifting their border restrictions for non-residents entering from Australia.

Heck Yes, Singapore Is Welcoming Aussies Back This Month
Source: Swapnil Bapat on Unsplash

From October 1st, visitors travelling from Australia (with the exception of Victoria) can apply for an Air Travel Pass for entry into Singapore on or after October 8th. The only other conditions of entry are that the applicant must have remained in Australia in the 14 days prior to their arrival in Singapore (an easy pass for many of us stuck here in Australia!) and that the applicant returns a negative COVID test. Sounds pretty simple, right?

If the airport test returns a negative result, travellers are free to go about their business in Singapore, with no need for a quarantine period. We don’t even need to go into detail about how exciting this move is for anyone with loved ones or business to do in Singapore!

Although Singapore will soon reopen its borders to Australian travellers, Australia’s borders still remain tightly closed – for now. For those looking to apply for a Singapore exemption, visit the Department of Home Affairs to see if you qualify.

Feature image: Duy Nguyen on Unsplash

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