Stay A Night In ‘The Castle’ Holiday Home

You're NOT Dreamin, the SERENITY is real.

Stay A Night In ‘The Castle’ Holiday Home

You're NOT Dreamin, the SERENITY is real.
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We’re going to Bonnie Doon.

The Aussie dream is now in your grasp as you can live as the Kerrigan family do at The Castle holiday home Airbnb.

Every Aussie has dreamt of being a Kerrigan family member – and that dream could just be a reality with this AirBnB stay.

Stay A Night In 'The Castle' Holiday Home
A reminder of man’s ability to create power.

For just $250 a night, eager fans of the iconic Australian flick The Castle can book a stay in the Kerrigan family’s famed holiday house in Bonnie Doon.

The four-bedroom, three-bathroom house is a real dose of nostalgia for movie buffs and can fit up to seven guests inside its walls. The front enclosed veranda was home to several memorable scenes in the film, including when Daryl cooks over a barbecue (who ordered medium rare?) and when the Kerrigan family sits around outside listening to bugs getting zapped.

You can spend the night in here snuggled up watching a rerun of The Castle (it would be rude not to), and then look outwards at a few notable attractions in the area like Lake Eildon down the road or Bonnie Doon country markets whipping up tasty treats. Plus, the picturesque Mt Buller is just an hour’s drive away.

To book the stay of a lifetime, visit AirBnB.

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