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Top 10 Hidden Gem Locations In Australia

Top 10 Hidden Gem Locations In Australia

Australia Hidden Gems

The top hidden gem locations in Australia have been revealed. That heading off around Australia dream is calling, but not just any travel will do. This is where Webjet-owned GoSee has come to the travel party.

A comparison site for car and motorhome rentals worldwide, and a new year of travel opportunities, GoSee’s travel experts have pulled together the ultimate Backyard Bucket List – encouraging Aussie’s when the time is right to ‘GoSee’ the hidden gems that await on our very own doorstep. 

Analysing data from Atlas Obscura, a global travel community and database of the world’s most wondrous places, GoSee has uncovered the most coveted and popular, but least visited locations around the country – revealing a list of Australia’s true top hidden gems that are just waiting to be discovered.

Top Hidden Gems In Australia

Australia Hidden Gems
  1. Lake Hillier – WA
  2. Glow Worm Tunnel, Helensburgh – NSW
  3. Gippsland Lakes Bioluminescence – VIC
  4. Paronella Park – QLD
  5. Glow Worm Tunnel, Newnes – NSW
  6. Redwood Forest Tree Art – VIC
  7. Ball’s Pyramid – Lord Howe
  8. SS Ayerfield – NSW
  9. William Ricketts Sanctuary – VIC
  10. The Witches Garden – VIC
Hidden gem locations in Australia - lake hillier
Source: @mkz.imagery

With endless natural wonders, a rich history and a diverse landscape it’s perhaps no surprise that attractions in the nature (44%) and historical and cultural (37%) categories dominate the list, with Lake Hillier in Western Australia taking the crown for Australia’s top hidden gem. 

But Western Australia doesn’t take all the glory. NSW had the highest number of hidden gems in the top 100 claiming 27 of the top spots, while VIC and SA came in close second and third boasting 17 and 15 spots respectively. 

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Check out GoSee’s full Backyard Bucket List here and discover the top true hidden gems broken down by every state! Add these goodies to your own 2022 bucket list and let’s look forward to getting out to ‘GoSee’, go explore and go adventure Australia.

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