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Gifts For Your Valentine, The Ultimate Travel-Lover

Gifts For Your Valentine, The Ultimate Travel-Lover

valentine travel gifts

Valentine gifts for your travel partner-in-crime.

Ah, it is that time of year again when a dozen roses are not going to cut it for your travel-obsessed lover. Save your pennies (and the pretty petals) for something that your Valentine will enjoy and utilise along their merry travels. They will be sure to thank you for sorting out their life on the road in more ways than one (ahem, suitcase!).

Lapoche travel accessories

As if you don’t already help your lover sort their life out – now you can help sort out their suitcase too. Melbourne-designed Lapoche light-weight travel accessories are the dream for making your suitcase puzzle perfect, without the need to bring out any Jenga skills for the packing game.

Not only are the accessories snazzy in aesthetics, but they will also make life a whole lot easier for the person who considers their suitcase a travelling room away from home. There is a whole range to pick from – toiletry organisers, packing cubes, socks, totes and footwear, to name a few. If wanting to seduce your lover with great suitcase skill, Pack A in the colour of love (red) is the ultimate winner.

Red Balloon voucher

Does your partner want to do something daring? Be bolder in life? A Red Balloon voucher is perfect for your partner to 1-up on unique life experiences, with a bountiful array of fun activities on offer in many locations around Australia.


The journey from A to B can sometimes be a bore. If travelling with someone, why not have some fun along the road instead of gazing at the bright lights on your phone?

Take it up a notch from card games such as Uno and tell your travelling mates they have been SERVD Cards. This card game is next level when it comes to daring your card partner in crime with a far-fetched mission. It is a game of strategy to be caught up in daring yet fun scenarios such as making your partner follow your wardrobe styling ways for a day or strip teasing to “Pony” by 90s party hero, Ginuwine. Bring on the fun vibes aboard!

GlampingHub voucher

Want to give one of those presents that you can secretly enjoy too? Give your partner a GlampingHub voucher – after all, it is giving the gift of a good time in unique outdoor digs. GlampingHub currently has a Valentine’s Day promotion to receive 15% extra from your initial voucher credit. Your present may be a bargain but spending quality time with each other is priceless.

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Cannabella skincare

Maybe the travelling carbon footprint is a bit too much. Compensate by selecting a plant-based skincare routine that will help not only save your partner’s skin but help save the world! Byron Bay’s Cannabella is a botanical skincare company that uses Australian-grown, unfiltered hemp seeds extracts. Its multi-purpose skincare product, Hemp Jelly, is a saviour on the road to suit all skin types in changing weather conditions.  

Invisible Zinc skincare

Speaking of skincare, red may be the colour of love but a no-go for your lover looking like a red lobster after your beach rendezvous. Invisible Zinc has got your partner’s back – literally – with its sun care range. Invisible Zinc’s Sheer Defence is SPF 50, so those rays can go away for your partner to enjoy life by the sun-kissed bay. Perfect as a last-minute carry-on touch!

Rough Guides – Make the Most of Your Time on Earth

Give your partner some additional travel inspiration with a book full of bucket list experiences around the world. Adventure experts Rough Guides’ Make the Most of Your Time on Earth is about inspiring people to get out of their comfort zones and live life to the absolute fullest with unique experiences in new destinations and immersing oneself in new cultures. Be warned; the ultimate travel coffee-table book’s picture is enough to make you want to book a plane ticket for you and your Valentine stat!

Rough Guides ‘Make the Most of Your Time on Earth’ available from Amazon from $24.56

(Love) Padlocks

Both romantic and oh so practical! Outdoor adventure gurus Anaconda has a range of padlocks – one, for your lover to lock up on a bridge or somewhere romantic and dedicate it in your honour and two, for locking up their belongings. A little gesture of love was never so practical for your sweet travelling Valentine.  

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Feature image: GlampingHub

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