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Vienna Is The World’s Most Liveable City

Looking to relocate?

Vienna Is The World’s Most Liveable City

Looking to relocate?
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Vienna has reclaimed its title of the world’s most liveable city

BRB, moving to Vienna.

The gorgeous Austrain capital has been reinstated to its former glory, grabbing the crown of the world’s most liveable city in this year’s annual rankings.

It snatched the top spot from previous holder New Zealand city Auckland, which did a dive down to 34th place in light of the coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

Vienna had a bit of a slip in early 2021 to 12th place after holding the top spot over 2018 and 2019, likely due to all its restaurants and museums being closed with the pandemic. Previously, Melbourne had held the title for seven years before it was unseated by Vienna. The city’s main charms for those looking for somewhere to settle down are reported to include stability, good infrastructure, good healthcare, and plenty of culture and entertainment.

Over here in Australia, Melbourne regained some of its reputation by ranking at equal 10th with Japan’s Osaka, while other capitals fell out of the global top 10. Brisbane now sits 27th, Adelaide 30th, and Perth 32nd.

Europe came out as the clear winner with six cities snagging a top 10 spot including Danish capital, Copenhagen, Switzerland’s Zurich, fellow Swiss city Geneva, Germany’s Frankfurt, and the Netherlands’ Amsterdam. Canada was also up among it with Calgary making its way into third, followed by Vancouver in fifth place and Toronto in eighth.

On the bottom end of the scale, Damascus, Lagos, and Tripoli were rated the three least liveable cities in the world, with ongoing global conflict the number-one determining factor.

2022’s Global Liveability Index: Top 10

  1. Vienna, Austria
  2. Copenhagen, Denmark
  3. Zurich, Switzerland
  4. Calgary, Canada
  5. Vancouver, Canada
  6. Geneva, Switzerland
  7. Frankfurt, Germany
  8. Toronto, Canada
  9. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  10. Osaka, Japan and Melbourne, Australia

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