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Where To Go In 2020, According To Our Favourite Travel Bloggers

Where To Go In 2020, According To Our Favourite Travel Bloggers

where to go 2020

New year, new places – so where to go in 2020?

The year officially kicked off and what could be more inspiring than plotting the next getaway – but where to go in 2020? We have asked our favourite travel bloggers on what top pick destinations they recommend packing your bags for and spending endless days discovering different ways of life and traversing landscapes in 2020.

Good luck on your holiday decision making as it’s hard to pick just one place from this epic list!

Sri Lanka

Where To Go In 2020, According To Our Favourite Travel Bloggers
Source: @yogawinetravel

“Sri Lanka has been “up-and-coming” for a few years, with many people opting to travel to this beautiful island as a less-crowded alternative to popular destinations like Bali and Thailand. Though it is a small island, it packs a punch with something to offer every type of traveller. Whether you are looking for beautiful hiking trails with sweeping views of tea plantations and waterfalls; uncrowded surf breaks up and down the south and east coasts; rich heritage and cultural landmarks; incredible wildlife and national parks; some of the best luxury and boutique hotels in Asia or unique culinary delights that you won’t find elsewhere.

While the tourism industry has quickly soared to become one of the most important sources of income and job creation for the country over the past few years, it suffered a major setback in 2019 as a result of the devastating attacks on Easter Sunday and tourism numbers have dwindled. Since the attacks, those responsible have been apprehended, travel advisories have been lifted, and the country is slowly welcoming back visitors again – visitor numbers may not be what they once were. Still, people are once again making a return to Sri Lanka. The people of Sri Lanka are warm and incredibly resilient, and the natural beauty of the country is bound to blow your mind: if Sri Lanka has been on your list of places to visit then there is no better time than in 2020!”



Where To Go In 2020, According To Our Favourite Travel Bloggers
Source: @katieshowblog

“When you plan your travels for 2020, don’t forget Norway. Specifically, don’t forget Northern Norway. It’s one of the most naturally stunning regions I’ve ever seen and has a lot to offer visitors. You can see Reindeer, learn about Sami culture, catch and eat King Crab, explore fjords, visit the incredible Nordkapp, and, of course, see the Northern Lights. The dramatic changes of weather means that it offers a completely different landscape and experience each season with something for everyone no matter what time of year you go. It’s a magical part of the world that I think everyone should see once.”

Katie Catch Katie’s show on YouTube.


Where To Go In 2020, According To Our Favourite Travel Bloggers
Source: @repeattraveller

“For somewhere a bit left field in 2020, try Poland. It’s hugely underrated. Germany and the Czech Republic tend to catch the eye of most tourists, but Poland offers just as many medieval cities and old towns to explore. Best of all, it’s cheap! Cross the border and watch the hotel and restaurant prices drop by more than half. Krakow, Wroclaw, Warsaw and Poznań should all be on your hit list.”


Uluru, Australia

Where To Go In 2020, According To Our Favourite Travel Bloggers
Source: @exploreshaw

“If you haven’t been before, Uluru is without a doubt the place to be in 2020. There’s something so magical a place. It’s indescribable, a feeling in the air when you step onto this land for the first time.

With the closing of the rock climbing late last year, the local communities of traditional land-owners are healing and to visit Uluru is as special as it ever has been. Give yourself enough time to experience both the sunrise and sunset at each viewing platform, to walk the 11.6 km around the entire base of the rock, to simply sit down and watch the colours of the rock change with every hour that passes.

It truly is the spiritual heart of Australia and a place that will stay with you for years to come. In 2017 our first visit to Uluru was actually where we came up with our plans to travel around Australia, to see as much of our beautiful country as we could. We cannot wait to return this year for our second visit and soak up all the magic again.”

Emma & Thom

Hokkaido, Japan

Where To Go In 2020, According To Our Favourite Travel Bloggers
Source: @littlegreybox

“If it isn’t already, be sure to put Japan on your 2020 travel wish list! Head to snow-covered Hokkaido in the cooler months for a chance to see diamond dust, eat delicious bowls of hot ramen and make the most of pristine snow at top-notch ski fields. Visit Nara for a close-up encounter with deer, explore the vibrant, sprawling streets of Tokyo or follow an ancient pilgrimage trail to Koyasan for an ethereal journey into Japan’s rich history.” 

Phoebe & Catch the fantastic travelling duo on YouTube.

Kauai, Hawaii

Where To Go In 2020, According To Our Favourite Travel Bloggers
Source: @lebigtrip

“Kauai is one of Hawaii’s most beautiful islands and without doubt one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is less known than the “Big Three” Hawaiian Islands: Oahu, Big Island and Maui and is a must if you love outdoor activities. Kayaking, snorkelling with turtles, and hiking are some of the top things you can do on the island.

It is called the “Garden Island” for its lush waterfalls, vibrant colours and verdant landscapes. The highlight is, without any doubt, the Napali coast, where you can hike the Kalalau trail and admire the most stunning coastline. It’s seriously one of the best and toughest hikes we ever did. If you’re not into hiking, there are other options: like a helicopter tour over the Napali Coast or why not take it slow and just sunbathe on the beach surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.”

Rafika &

Wilson Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Where To Go In 2020, According To Our Favourite Travel Bloggers
Source: @_markfitz

“The newest luxury experience on the Southern Great Barrier Reef has just re-opened at Wilson Island, and it’s an absolute must for nature lovers. With nine reef safari tents dotted along the beaches and amongst the Pisonia forest, this adults-only getaway is a one of a kind experience on the Great Barrier Reef. The snorkelling is phenomenal with a giant coral bommie just a short swim from shore and from November to late January huge numbers of turtles come ashore to nest. If your lucky, one might even dig a nest right out the front of your beachfront safari tent!”


Lombok, Indonesia

Where To Go In 2020, According To Our Favourite Travel Bloggers
Source: @roxannetaylormedia

“My favourite country to visit in 2020 is our northern neighbour, Indonesia – and I’m not talking about the well-trodden south of Bali. While Bali is a great holiday destination, there is so much more to explore in this beautiful archipelagic nation of more than 17,000 islands with each major region boasting its own languages, signature dishes, textiles and culture.

Lombok, just east of Bali, is the next trending island to visit, thanks to new direct flights with Air Asia from Perth. And while it’s being touted as the new Bali, it’s not there yet, and that’s why I love it. It’s the perfect place to get a taste for wider Indonesia with a range of empty beaches, lush mountains and cultural villages. If you think Lombok’s three popular Gili islands accessible from Bali are too touristy, head to the southwestern tip of Lombok to visit the ‘secret’ southern Gilis with barely another tourist in sight. It’ll get you ready to book all your annual leave to explore further afield across Indonesia.”

Roxanne Catch Roxanne’s far-flung adventures on YouTube.

Esperance, Australia

Where To Go In 2020, According To Our Favourite Travel Bloggers
Source: @amycooper

“Esperance is not a secret destination by any means, but after recently visiting we one-hundred per cent believe it should be number one on your holiday list.

It has shot to fame in recent years, and it’s easy to see why with pristine white sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, amazing National Parks and friendly locals.

With 15-20 quality beaches, it doesn’t matter what time of year you visit there is always plenty of space to call your own. Although we’d recommend visiting in the warmer months, otherwise you may freeze to death going for a swim!

While there – you can’t miss out on the opportunity to head down to Lucky Bay to watch the iconic kangaroo’s jump along the beach and get up close and personal with tourists.

Since we left Esperance, no other beach can compare. It’s undoubtedly one place you cannot miss when visiting the south-west.”

Amy &

Updated: 13th January 2020

Featured Image: @Exploreshaw

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