5 Australian Travel Bloggers To Follow For Top-Notch Aussie Holiday Inspo

5 Australian Travel Bloggers To Follow For Top-Notch Aussie Holiday Inspo

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Check out these Australian travel bloggers who know a place (or two) to recommend worth exploring.

Different year, same travel restrictions. With holidaying abroad out of the equation, it’s time for us all to really analyse the map of Oz and discover a new backyard adventure with your travelling partner in crime. Thought about criss-cross your state in a campervan? Island-hopping the Whitsundays? Seeing actual ‘roos bouncing around Kangaroo Island? Swimming alongside ocean giants? There are countless places and unique experiences to choose from: Just pick your Aussie holiday and call bingo.

To help guide the way, we list the top Australian travel bloggers to follow to give you all the holiday inspiration you need to start planning that dream escape on this massive island we call home.


Alesha and Jarryd are the co-founders of Australia’s top adventure travel blog, NOMADasaurus and the website Van Life Theory. They’ve been travelling the world together full-time since 2008, exploring the planet’s best adventures, cultures and off-the-beaten-path experiences. Currently living in a campervan in Australia, they share their experiences through photography, videography and storytelling on their websites and social media.

2. Away with CJ

Creative dream team, husband and wife duo James and Charlotte Maddock are at the helm of Away with CJ. Their wonderfully put-together blog offers a healthy dose of destination inspiration, tried and tested real guides and colour-pop imagery to make you want to frame all their spectacular travel pics stat. The Aussie-Kiwi duo are also great storytellers, sharing their on-the-road antics that some avid travellers would find easy to relate to. 

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3. Explore Shaw

Married couple and Australian travel bloggers Emma and Thom Shaw are living their best van lives, travelling around the country in their vintage Viscount caravan. Head to their blog, Explore Shaw to check out their on-the-road van stories and comprehensive (and oh so colourful) guides across ‘Straya. They are seriously living the Aussie postcard dream.

4. Mapping Megan

Mapping Megan is the renowned travel blog by Australian journalist Megan and her husband American photographer, Mike Jerrard. For the past ten years, the adrenaline-junkie duo developed a massive obsession with travel, with even selling their home at one point to finance their travels. Their blog not only covers all corners of the globe, but home turf too. Travel interests are also highlighted so if you are looking for a particular type of travel from romantic, luxury and errr, foodgasms (their wording!) around Oz, this could be the blog for you.

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5. Little Grey Box

Little Grey Box proves to be a great read – and watch. The face of the blog, Phoebe, is a presenter, CNN & CNBC writer and award-winning blogger. Behind the lens is her husband Matt, both a videographer and photographer. Since starting their blog in London, they have travelled the world extensively, wooing fans over with their award-winning travel blog and YouTube channel. Just make sure to check out both!

Feature image: NOMADasaurus

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