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7 Eco-Friendly Travel Products To Make You The Ultimate Planeteer

7 Eco-Friendly Travel Products To Make You The Ultimate Planeteer

eco friendly travel products

Take pollution down to zero with these eco-friendly travel products.

Like many youngsters, I was in awe of 90’s cartoon Captain Planet’s mission to preserve the environment with his sidekicks, the Planeteers. How I wanted to be one to be in his planet-protecting orbit and the good news is, we all can – especially when travelling.

To become an eco-warrior on the go, simply be planet wise when it comes to your latest travel buy. To help you achieve planeteer status, we list seven eco-friendly travel products to make your travels of heroic nature. After all, the buying power is yours!

1. Teva Gateway Hiking Shoe

7 Eco-Friendly Travel Products To Make You The Ultimate Planeteer
Source: Teva

Feel like you are blissfully walking on air when you are actually walking the hard yards outdoors. The Teva Gateway hiking shoe makes you feel just that, with its modern lightweight design created to go from exploring the country to strolling city pavements without the need to change footwear to suit the scene. 

The trendy hiking shoe is made from water-resistant and recycled materials and grounded in a slip-proof Durabrason rubber sole. When you can conveniently have both trails and street cred and be environmentally conscious when getting to your destination, it is proof that not all hiking shoes are made equal.

Teva Gateway Hiking Shoe is available from Teva for $219.95

2. Icebreaker Merino Loft Helix Jacket

7 Eco-Friendly Travel Products To Make You The Ultimate Planeteer
Source: Icebreaker

Wear your commitment to sustainability with pride – and with great sophistication too. The Icebreaker MerinoLoft Helix Jacket is made from sustainable merino wool and recycled materials to ensure comfort and warmth with its luxe breathable design. The outwear jacket won’t weigh down your adventures, weighing 500 grams or less, depending on size and is available for both men and women.

It’s the must-have adventure jacket for all occasions, perfect for those four seasons in one day moments, one to take on a misty morning hike or be snuggly wrapped with around a nightly campfire. Or wear it as an understated practical everyday jacket to protect yourself on windy days in the city.

Remarkedly, the jacket is odour-free, so you won’t be able to smell the sense of adventure on you with keeping washing to a minimum. Save laundry time, water and the environment all the while you enjoy the world’s outdoor riches.

Icebreaker MerinoLoft Helix Jacket from Icebreaker for $359.99

3. Eco Towel

7 Eco-Friendly Travel Products To Make You The Ultimate Planeteer
Source: KE Design

It can become the bane of your existence when throwing the towel in the car or bag after a bliss out sess at the beach only to discover you have brought dunes home. Not anymore.

The Eco Towel is the first-ever Australian towel made from RPET, a soft and absorbent recycled yarn that uses recycled plastic bottles and fabric cut-offs to create a light, compact and sand-free towel. Each eco towel keeps approximately 20 plastic bottles out of the ocean, so think you are doing your bit to help clean the oceans while relaxing on shore.

Designed by KE Design, the eco towel comes in all different quirky imagery, with some oozing Australian tuck-shop nostalgia like Chiko rolls, Smarties and Sunny-boy. The Australian-made towel is also made by workers with disabilities alongside a regular workforce. So just think, your next day out in the sun is both helping to save the planet and making a positive difference in people’s lives. Grab them while their hot folks.

Eco Towel is available from KE Design for $79.95

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4. Zorali Escapade Backpack

7 Eco-Friendly Travel Products To Make You The Ultimate Planeteer
Source: Zorali

Consider the Zorali Escapade Backpack like your adventure sidekick: It will always have your back (pun intended) when it comes to having the “greatest (and smallest) of escapes.”

The Scandi-esque backpack is what you want a day backpack to be: durable, versatile and full of storage pockets. It can comfortably fit up to 30 litres of your prized on-the-go possessions, including a laptop compartment to swap from adventure to business time. It’s the type of backpack to make survivalist Bear Grylls wishing he had one for past adventures, made from 1000D nylon Cordura fabric to deal with the elements while exploring the great outdoors. 

As for sustainability? Each time a Zorali product is purchased from its official website, ten trees are planted, making an excuse to go outside and explore new ground with a backpack in tow an easy one.

Zorali Escapade Backpack is available in a range of colours from Zorali for $169.95

5. Patagonia’s Women’s Nine Trails Shorts

7 Eco-Friendly Travel Products To Make You The Ultimate Planeteer
Source: Adventure Merchants

Summer is all about enjoying life outside under the glorious summer rays – and make no lie; we in Australia are fortunate to have a long reign of summer ahead of us. To make the most of it, get physical in the great outdoors with clothes to suit your workout summer mood.

Patagonia’s Women’s Nine Trail Shorts from Sydney-based online adventure store Adventure Merchants are the perfect wardrobe addition for those motivated to get consciously active. The compact shorts are made with lightweight recycled polyester and spandex fabric blend, allowing you to move comfortably whether trekking, running or taking your adventures to the extreme. Men shorts are also available at Adventure Merchants.

Patagonia’s Women’s Nine Trails available from outdoor experts Adventure Merchants for $89.95

6. Onya Reusable Produce Bags

7 Eco-Friendly Travel Products To Make You The Ultimate Planeteer
Source Banish

When it comes to your travels, sometimes you need to think outside the box. Onya’s Reusable Produce Bags from online eco goods store Banish are like a secret weapon when it comes to keeping things organised in your luggage or suitcase and for you to ace your packing game.

Despite having produce in the name, these mesh bags can be used to store your smalls (underwear and socks), cords and chargers, and other small knick-knacks you choose to take on your travels. The bags are made from recycled plastic drink bottles and weigh a feather (10 grams!) even though they can carry up to a massive 2kg! Proof that sustainably strong products can come in small packages.

Onya Reusable Produce Bags available from online eco goods store Banish for $14.95

7. Funkita Fairy Flight Ladies One Piece

7 Eco-Friendly Travel Products To Make You The Ultimate Planeteer

We spend a lot of our time in the ocean, so why not do our best to protect it when we are in it too?

Homegrown trendy athletic apparel brand Funkita has released its Eco C-Infinity range, with its durable swimwear made from oceanic enemy number one, plastic water bottles. In this case, this stylish form of plastic can be your new ocean skin when it comes to swimming this summer: Funkita’s Fairy Flight Ladies One Piece is proof of that.

Known for their high-quality garments, Funkita offers a range of vibrant, snug and 100% chlorine resistant designs to choose from, making your planet-saving ways a true standout: besides your performance in the water of course!

Funkita’s Fairy Flight Ladies One Piece is available from Funkita for $71.95

Feature image: Eco Towel

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