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Be An Eco-Warrior On The Go: 7 Sustainable Travel Products To Help Save The World

Be An Eco-Warrior On The Go: 7 Sustainable Travel Products To Help Save The World

sustainable travel products

Reduce your carbon footprint while on the road with these eco-friendly travel products.

More than ever before it has become apparent the amount of carbon footprint we are leaving in the world. Understandably, globetrotting does not aide to the Earth’s health, but you can do your bit to minimise your environmental impact by travelling smart and adopting sustainability practices on your next vacay. Time to be an eco-warrior on the go with these eco-friendly travel products. After all, a small change in your travelling ways can make a world of difference.

Seed & Sprout shampoo bar

Be An Eco-Warrior On The Go: 7 Sustainable Travel Products To Help Save The World
Source: Seed & Sprout

Want to perform magic on your hair? Australian made and owned Seed & Sprout’s shampoo bar allows you to replace your bottles of shampoo and conditioner with this almighty one little soap bar that combines the best of both: one mind-blowing, hair-raising revelation if you ask us!

These eco-sustainable bars is not only good for the hair but can also be used all over the body, saving precious packing space, money and the environment, naturally. The bars include lush ingredients such as argan oil, red clay and shea butter.

The bars get big ticks for being free from plastics, animal cruelty and environmental no-no, palm oil: proof that big things can come in small packages.

Beysis perfume atomiser

Be An Eco-Warrior On The Go: 7 Sustainable Travel Products To Help Save The World
Source: Beysis

Leave the big bottle at home.

The sleek designed Beysis perfume atomiser is a nifty way to save on the toiletry packing and bring your fave perfume or cologne alongside for the ride without weighing down your luggage.

This luxe, lightweight carry on item features a fast, pump-action filling system that lets you refill from your favourite fragrance bottle in seconds. Ideal for both domestic and international travel, the pocket fragrance atomiser is made from high-quality aluminium with a plastic inner vial. With no glass, this 5ml travel atomiser is shatterproof, and aircraft approved meaning that you don’t have to be bogged down at airport security checks!

The perfume atomiser can be personalised with a name too, to make that gift of giving to others (or yourself!) that extra bit meaningful.


eco-friendly travel products
Source: Uppercup

The eco-friendly travel product to take on the go morning, noon and night!

Aussie made and owned Uppercup is taking your coffee cred up a notch with its barista designed-walled coffee cups. What does that mean exactly? Basically you can keep your hands cool while your brew is kept warm. The cups are BPA & BPS Free and B Corporation Certified and come in different sizes catering to your thirst for the reverend bean.

These stylish coffee cups are also the cups that keep on too as Uppercup has launched a cup saving initiative to further reduce waste. Customers can return their old reusable coffee cups to the Uppercup head office where they will be manufactured to create a new Uppercup Plus – which is a new reusable coffee cup made from old reusable coffee cups making it easy for you to up coffee game stat!

Grants of Australia toothbrush & toothpaste

Be An Eco-Warrior On The Go: 7 Sustainable Travel Products To Help Save The World
Source: Grants of Australia

Brush your teeth glistening white while allowing the environment to retain its natural sparkle. Natural oral brand Grants of Australia have been the pioneers of Australia’s first natural toothpaste since 1984 and still is produced on our very shores. Besides leaving you feeling minty fresh after a few brushes, the toothpaste is also free from all the nasties – mineral oil, dyes, titanium dioxide, parabens, artificial flavours and preservatives.

Pair using the eco-friendly toothpaste by brushing away with Grants of Australia’s other toiletry starlet, a bamboo toothbrush with charcoal infused bristles.

Best of all, both products are vegan friendly too so you can smile back at the animals guilt-free.

Corkcicle drink bottles

eco-friendly travel products
Source: Corkcicle

Make a statement our of your water-saving ways with Corkcicle. Corkcicle’s sleek designs don’t just let you drink with such sustainable swag that you might consider an outfit change to match your zany bottle colour, they are innovative and practical too.

Each bottle is triple-insulated so that can keep your drink cold for 25 hours or hot for 12 hours and is perfected with slip-proof silicone bottom and easy-grip sides. Corkcicle’s game-changing products come in an array of shapes and sizes to suit your camel-thirst on the go.

How about this sweeter too: for every online order, 5% of your purchase is donated to the non-for-profit organization, charity:water to help fund clean water projects around the world.

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Sukin SPF30 sheer touch facial sunscreen

Be An Eco-Warrior On The Go: 7 Sustainable Travel Products To Help Save The World
Source: Sukin

Australia’s natural skincare gods, Sukin have presented us with another skin saviour that saves the sea too.

The SPF30 sheer touch facial sunscreen is free from chemicals and 100% naturally derived from an antioxidant-rich blend of rosehip oil, green tea and cucumber. This facial sunscreen uses zinc oxide as the active ingredient for UVA & UVB broad-spectrum protection. Nevermind any nasties going into the ocean as it is made from a reef-friendly formula, free from the harmful oxybenzone and octinoxate, which can be damaging to reefs and aquatic life.

Ecosilk shopping bag

eco-friendly travel products
Source: Ecosilk shopping bag

Forget the plastic and be eco-fantastic by putting an ultra-lightweight Ecosilk shopping bag in your carryon. These stylish looking, luxe feeling environmentally friendly, recyclable shopping bags are made from 100% nylon parachute silk. The durable bags can carry up to 14kg and are available in a range of bright colours to suit your shopping mood. This eco-friendly travel product can stand the test of time too, guaranteed to last five years – that’s a lot of plastic saving!

Feature image: Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash

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