6 USA Trip Ideas To Get Your Mind and Body in Shape

Travel with purpose

6 USA Trip Ideas To Get Your Mind and Body in Shape

Travel with purpose
usa trip ideas - the ranch at rock creek

A USA travel guide that’s good for the soul

Post-COVID, plenty of us are looking for travel that isn’t just a good time, but rather, something that transforms us.

Deeper experiences, where the activities we do, the people we meet, and the food we eat, allow us to arrive in a whole new place – physically, spiritually, and philosophically. But of course, we also want to have a good time.

Here are some ideas for trips that have the potential to turn your life right around.

Catch And Cook Your Dinner In Montana

US poet Ted Hughes said of fishing: “It gives you the opportunity of being totally immersed, turning back into yourself in a good way. A form of meditation, some form of communication with levels of yourself that are deeper than the original self.”

Fly-fishing can be a great meditative activity that deepens your connection with nature, and yourself. At the Ranch at Rock Creek, in southwestern Montana, you’ll basically be living out a Western movie fantasy of horses, fishing, and mountains.

If you’ve always enjoyed fly fishing, this is the place to work on your fly casting skills. You’ll ride into the Sapphire Mountains, spend the afternoon strategically positioning your fly in the watery path of wild rainbow, brown, bull, and cutthroat trout, and then clean, cook and grill your catch whole over the fire.

usa trip ideas - the ranch at rock creek
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Awaken Your Kundalini Energy On A Mens’ Yoga Retreat In California

This kundalini-based yoga retreat will take place in Ojac, California, and is fully catered with amazing vegan meals.

The Shift offers a transformative, immersive weekend experience for those who are ready and willing to heal, connect and see new possibilities for themselves and the world. This yoga style is considered to be the most spiritual among all the other styles because it’s all about awakening the kundalini-energy.

Another great thing at this retreat is that you’ll be taking part in a cacao ceremony- a ritual where you drink the pure form of cacao.

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Dory Boat In The Canyon In Colorado

For a truly exceptional boating experience, a dory boat trip through Grand Canyon on Arizona’s Colorado River provides a unique and exciting alternative to an inflatable raft.

Grand Canyon Dories are small, traditional, and charmingly elegant rigid boats designed to carry four people and a tremendous amount of gear. A Grand Canyon dory boat trip is not about speed, but about your own intimate, some might say organic, experience of the river. You can probably envision it already—the perfect Grand Canyon river trip: exciting rides in the rapids, a few good hikes, and some first-rate photo opportunities, camping out and chowing down on some great outdoor cooking.

Gaze up at 2 1/2 billion years’ worth of the earth’s crust as you become a geologist, a waterman, and a more humble human being.

usa trip ideas - dory boat grand canyon
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Hikes And Spa Treatments In Vermont

Situated in the lush Green Mountains of Vermont since 1978, New Life Hiking Spa is an authentic, affordable, all-inclusive destination spa renowned for its personalized weight loss, wellness and fitness programs.

The bustling activity of the skiers and snowboarders comes to a halt in the spring and summer months and New Life Hiking Spa moves in to provide its guests with the best hiking the country has to offer at the most beautiful time of the year. At this all-inclusive wellness retreat, guests enjoy activities including yoga, kayaking, and of course, lots of hiking.

Three levels of hiking are offered each day. A nature walk, an intermediate hike, and an advanced hike are provided and staffed with expert hiking guides who have extensive knowledge of the Vermont trails. What’s not to love for one who wants to say, “I hiked the Appalachian Trail!” No one needs to know you came back to a hotel to get a massage in the afternoon.

usa trip ideas - new life hiking spa
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Discover Your Inner Kid – Climb An Oak Tree In Oregon

Head to Oregon City, let your inner kid out, and climb up Pagoda, a huge Oregon White Oak.

Contemplate your own humble existence in the shadows of these giants that are the only native oak species in British Columbia, Washington, and northern Oregon. Tree Climbing Planet teaches its patrons how to recreationally climb trees, and you can opt for a day lesson or stay for a week to learn even more. The oak tree is perfect for training because it has stout lateral branches for easy movement.

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Bike The Appalachia In Virginia

Embrace your inner Easy Rider and hire a motorbike to tackle West Virginia’s Route 50.

Also known as the George Washington Highway, it winds east along the Monongahela National Forest for 80 stunning, sweeping kilometres. From Route 50’s endpoint, you can reach Virginia’s Skyline Drive – another of America’s premier biking roads – in a matter of hours. Go during the Autumn colour change, and you’ll feel reborn.

usa trip ideas - the appalachia
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