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Escape The Home Office For The USA With These Striking Screensavers

Escape The Home Office For The USA With These Striking Screensavers

Sure, you’re stuck at home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take yourself away to some of the USA’s most beautiful destinations via your screensaver.

Tuning into a live stream mightn’t suit your home office work schedule, but tizzy-ing up your workspace by setting one of these stunning USA scenes as your screensaver will, hopefully, still take you away. From the sand dunes of Death Valley to Sanoma County’s never-ending vineyards, there’s a scene and a daydream for everyone. It mightn’t be the real thing, but we’re willing to take every little escape we can get right now.

 Yosemite National Park, California 

Yosemite National Park USA
Source: Visit California & Carol Highsmith

One of USA’s most popular destination screensavers is also one of the more recognised national parks. A natural Disneyland, Yosemite National Park is famous for its giant, ancient sequoia trees. As it is located in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, it’s also very well known for its granite outcrops, scenic hikes and towering waterfalls.

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Huntington Beach, California

Huntington Beach USA
Source: Visit Huntington Beach

Dubbed ‘Surf City USA‘, Huntington Beach is just a short drive south of Los Angeles in California. Known for its long sandy beaches, barrelling surf, and landmark pier, the laidback beachside city is a favourite with ocean lovers.

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Joshua Tree National Park, California

Joshua Tree - head to the USA
Hidden Valley, Joshua Tree National Park, California | Source: Greater Palm Springs

California’s Joshua Tree National Park is characterised by rugged rock, stark desert landscapes, and its namesake, the unmistakable twisted, brittle Joshua trees. The park is vast, straddling both the Colorado and Mojave deserts. The park also overlooks the Coachella Valley.

Sonoma County, California

Sonoma County - Head to the USA
Source: Sonoma County Tourism

A USA screensaver to make you thirsty! Sonoma County is California’s lesser-known wine region, just north of San Francisco. It’s a picturesque countryside area, with notable winemaking areas in the region including Dry Creek and Alexander Valley.

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Death Valley National Park, Nevada 

Death Valley National Park USA
Source: Ropelato Photography/Getty Images

Taking up land in both eastern California and Nevada, Death Valley National Park is home to northern America’s lowest point. It’s also home to sand flats, salt flats, canyons, colourful rocks, and even ghost towns.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco - Head to the USA
Source: San Francisco Travel and Edgar Chaparro

San Francisco is the epicentre of activity in California’s north. The bayside city is full of postcard-worthy vistas and iconic manmade structures, from the painted ladies at Alamo Square to the famed Golden Gate Bridge.

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Great Basin National Park, Nevada 

Source: Imagebroker, Alamy

North of Las Vegas and east of Reno along the Utah border is Nevada’s Great Basin National Park. The oasis in the desert is home to mountains, ancient bristlecone pine groves, marble caves, and an abundance of wildlife.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park
Source: Rocky Mountain National Park

The 265,461 acre Rocky Mountain National Park sits in the northern parts of Colorado. The park’s varying landscapes of alpine tundra, mountains and forests span the Continental Divide.

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon 

Crater Lake USA

Formed by a now-collapsed volcano, Mount Mazama, Crater Lake is the main drawcard and namesake of southern Oregon’s Crater Lake National Park. The park is home to numerous walking trails, the Rim Drive (a road that takes you around the edge of the lake), and plenty of picturesque camping grounds.

Smith Rock State National Park, Oregon 

Smith Rock State National Park Oregon
Source: Sean Bagshaw

Central Oregon’s Smith Rock State Park expands across 641 acres and consists of sheer basalt cliffs, winding rivers, and campsites with a view. Its towering rock formations are not only popular with hikers, climbers, and campers but photographers too.

Arches National Park, Utah 

Arches National Park USA
Source: Jf123/Dreamstime

There are plenty of American national parks that are famed for their rock formations, and Arches National Park in Utah is no different. Named for its 200 plus natural, arching sandstone rock formations, the Mars-like park lies just to the north of Moab.

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Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Bryce Canyon USA
Source: Noppawat Tom Charoensinphon/ Getty Images

Known for its crimson-coloured ‘hoodoos’ (columns of rock with a ‘cap’ left at the top), Bryce Canyon National Park in southern Utah is characterised by its unique canyons, bowls, and amphitheatres that have been naturally carved into a rocky plateau. A suitable USA screensaver for the wintertime.

Feature image: Dan and Zora Avila

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