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13 Top Instagram Feeds To Get You Excited To Travel Western Australia

13 Top Instagram Feeds To Get You Excited To Travel Western Australia

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Western Australia is full of colour and surprise and is best captured in these top Instagram feeds.

As Western Australians await on the magical moment of all regional borders reopening, we thought we would provide a splash of holiday inspiration to get people thinking about their next getaway. It can sometimes be easy to forget what beauty is found in our own backyard but let’s just say, Western Australia is a treasure trove of epic landscapes to suit all types of thirsty travellers.

Come on, get your WA wanderlust into overdrive as we round up the best local Instagram feeds that showcase the best of travel around Western Australia.

1. @westernaustralia

Look, we have to go straight off the bat with the OG, @westernaustralia.

We have to admit, whoever is handling this account must have a field day with the number of lush images of Australia’s biggest state flooding the Western Australia hashtag on a daily basis. And let them flood it we say as @westernaustralia really does showcase the state’s unparalleled beauty from all angles.

2. @naturebynathan

What a wonder boy @naturebynathan is.

Specialising in landscape photography, @naturebynathan knows how to highlight Western Australia’s best angles, including those so far remote at the top end.

If you have a penchant for waterfalls, then this is the account to follow. So let fans of Western Australia’s beauty flow on…

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