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The World’s Most Romantic Destinations

Woo your lover with a holiday where love is in the air (and accommodation, activities, and eateries).

The World’s Most Romantic Destinations

Woo your lover with a holiday where love is in the air (and accommodation, activities, and eateries).

Whether you’re just looking for somewhere nice to escape with your partner or trying to suss out the perfect destination to pop the question, this list of the world’s most romantic destinations should do the trick.

Paris, France

Valentine's Day in Paris

Sure, it’s cliché. But, when its moniker is ‘the city of love’, you have to begin the list of the world’s most romantic destinations with Paris. There’s just something inherently romantic about France’s capital.

A date with your one-and-only in the city doesn’t always have to fit the ‘intimate dinner by candlelight’ mould to be considered romantic. A visit to the Louvre, followed by a picnic (with a good bottle of rose, some macarons, and a french baguette of course) under the Eiffel Tower, can be just as special.

Hayman Island, Australia

Private dinner on Hayman Island - romantic destinations
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There’s a reason honeymooners look to white-sand islands for their post-nuptial getaways – they’re the epitome of luxury and romance. Hayman Island couldn’t be a better example of this.

Not only is Hayman home to postcard-perfect beaches, but the idyllic island is also just a helicopter flight away from the Whitsunday’s heart reef. You can’t get more romantic than a privately chartered flight over the literal symbol of love, followed by champagne on the glorious Whitehaven Beach. But wait, you can. The island is well known for its private, candlelit dinners on Coconut Beach. Candlelit cheers to that!

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is on the romantic destinations list for the nature lover. Enjoy the sunshine (if you’re there in spring or summer) and wander hand-in-hand through the stunning Kyoto Botanical Gardens. The gardens are a spectacle year-round, but they’re even more so during cherry blossom season. If you can manage to align your trip while the trees are in full bloom, be sure to take a romantic boat ride under the cherry blossoms on Okazaki Canal.

Margaret River, Australia

margaret river

Wine, beaches, and thick karri forests – Western Australia’s Margaret River region has everything you need for a romantic getaway. Your visit to the southern corner of Australia can be as pared back as a camping and hiking trip, or you can max out on the luxe with a beachside chalet, indulgent couples massages, and some of the finest dining in Western Australia. Whatever you choose, just be sure to catch a sunset over the water from one of the many gorgeous beaches in the area.

Top things to do in Margaret River

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Koh Samui, Thailand

Romantic dinner in Koh Samui
Source: Monique Ceccato

Waking up to ocean views, eating dinner by candlelight, and enjoying open-air couple’s massages – it’s the island of Koh Samui’s recipe for romance. Being a resort island, Koh Samui lays the luxury on thick and makes for a perfect place to woo your lover.

Most of the island’s luxurious resorts offer romantic couples packages, allowing you and your partner plenty of relaxed, quality time together. For a date a little further afield, there’s always the pink dolphin tours, private cruises, a visit to the elephant sanctuary, or some kayaking along the coastline.

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Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania Thalia Haven

Often likened to New Zealand, Tasmania is beautifully wild and rugged. It’s also a beautifully slow and tranquil place for a getaway with your lover. For a small island, there are plenty of romantic nature-based activities and intimate stays (think Thalia Haven or Pumphouse Point) for you to enjoy. Discover the many bays and coves across the east coast, get active on a hike through Wineglass Bay, or spend your days driving between oyster farms, wineries, and cheesemongers on Bruny Island.

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The World's Most Romantic Destinations
Iceland Northern Lights | Credit: Shutterstock

Snuggling up in a glass cabin with your partner, snow all around and the sky turning a luminescent shade of green, sounds rather romantic, doesn’t it? If this cosy lover’s getaway gets you excited, you best be booking an airfare to Iceland stat.

Sitting on the complete opposite end of the spectrum to somewhere like Hayman Island, the island of Iceland still has a lot to offer loved up couples. Not only is there the incredible ‘northern lights’ phenomenon to witness with your partner by your side, and gorgeous, cosy stays, but there are black beaches, and some of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls to hunt down too.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora - Romantic destinations
Source: Lonely Planet

When it comes to romantic island getaways, Bora Bora is boss. At the top of almost any island lover’s bucket list, this picture-perfect island is the ultimate in luxurious getaways. Romance doesn’t always have to be red wine and rose petals. Sometimes it’s a clear schedule, an overwater bungalow, and big, fluffy robes.

Venice, Italy

Venice canals

Italians are renowned for their passion and romance, so it’s no surprise that Venice is the city of the ultimate dinner date. Alfresco dining, a shared wood-fired pizza, bottles of local red wine, and an accordion serenade – it sounds perfect, right? Bonus points for finding an authentic local eatery with a canal view.

Up the romance (and cliche) level with a gondola ride through the canals at dusk.

Ubud, Bali

Ubud, Bali

Ubud is where the peace lovers, nature fans, and rose petal bath enthusiasts head for some loved-up leave. There’s so much to like about this part of Bali, from its lush rainforest and green rice paddies, to the incredible wellness options and delightful dining. Unlike areas like Seminyak, Ubud instils a sense of calm in holidaying couples, perfect for those looking to spend some quality time together in a romantic destination.

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