9 Incredible Swimming Spots In Bali You Need To Dive Into

Dive into paradise with these stunning Bali swimming spots.

9 Incredible Swimming Spots In Bali You Need To Dive Into

Dive into paradise with these stunning Bali swimming spots.
swimming spots in bali - green bowl beach

With some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, spectacular pools, beach clubs and enchanting lagoons, it’s not a shock that almost every Australian heads to Bali at least once every few years to dive into its sparkling blue waters. 

While Bali maybe just a small collection of islands, it has an endless amount of stunning beaches, day clubs, resorts, and waterfalls. We’ve found the best swimming spots in Bali that the island has to offer so you can visit them on your next trip to our collective favourite holiday destination hotspot.

1. Hanging Gardens Of Bali, Ubud

swimming spots in bali - hanging gardens
Source: @hanginggardensofbali

Starting off with possibly the most beautiful swimming spot that Bali may have to offer.

The Hanging Gardens of Bali are nestled right in the middle of Ubud’s vast jungle. Take a dip whilst eating off your own floating breakfast board or simply watch the sunset go down over the jungle’s horizon.

Name a better place to go for a swim, we’ll wait.

2. Sambangan Secret Garden, North of Bali

swimming spots in bali - sambangan secret garden
Source: @gabixtyler

The untouched waterfall and river system in Bali’s North village of Sambangan has been given the title of Sambangan Secret Garden, and a short visit will definitely explain why.

Aling Aling is the largest waterfall in the river with a 35-metre drop that we wouldn’t recommend braving. However, the blue lagoons surrounding the waterfalls are something out of heaven with turquoise crystal clear water.

3. Padang Padang Beach, Uluwatu

swimming spots in bali - padang padang beach
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One of Bali’s most famous surf spots and the epitome of what you expect Balinese beaches to look like, Padang Padang beach is truly a world class leader in stunning swimming spots.

Lying between Uluwatu and Bingin, this beach forms part of the group of world-class surf spots that line the coast of Bali’s southern peninsula.

4. Amed Beach, East Coast of Bali

If you’re an avid diver or snorkelling enthusiast then you have to visit Amed in Bali’s east.

The island’s east shoreline is an underwater playground filled with colourful reefs, marine wildlife and even shipwrecks. Amed covers 7 different seaside villages: Amed, Jemeluk, Bunutan, Lipah, Selang, Banyuning and Aas; all of which are fishing villages.

5. Green Bowl Beach, Ungasan

Green Bowl Beach is one of the most secluded swimming spots in Bali.

Located at the bottom of a 75-metre cliff, this beach takes a little more effort than usual to access. You’ll need to descend down hundreds of steps through the jungle before you reach the beach, but the crystal clear water is so worth the adventure to get there.

6. Oneeighty Bali, Uluwatu

swimming spots in bali - oneeighty beach
Source: livingnomads.com

This swimming spot is not for the faint-hearted.

Located quite literally 162 metres in mid-air, Oneeighty’s infinity pool stretches out over the Uluwatu cliffs and the Indian Ocean. On the other side of the club, you can find another set of pools which replicate a waterfall surrounded by beautiful Balinese jungle.

7. Coconut Beach, Nusa Lembongan

Considered by many Lembongan tourists and locals as the best beach on the island, Coconut Beach is nestled between Jungut Batu and Tamraind Bay.

It’s the perfect swimming spot for families with calm waters, great shallow snorkelling and an ideal spot to teach your kids how to surf with small waves and great surfing schools nearby.

8. Karma Beach, Uluwatu

swimming spots in bali - karma beach uluwatu
Source: @karmabeachclubs

A running theme with Uluwatu has occurred in this series, but this Southern tip of Bali is just so beautiful we couldn’t not mention them all.

Dive into an all-immersive experience at Karma Beach with beach cabanas, cocktails and crystal-clear water; what more could you want?

9. Padma Resort, Ubud

swimming spots in bali - padma resort
Source: @padmaubud

Last but certainly not least is Ubud’s beautiful Padma Resort.

Located on the hills of the river valley and overlooking the enchanting forests of Payangan, you will truly feel like you’re in a jungle oasis. Of course, they also have one of the Island’s best swimming spots with their awe-inspiring 89-metre infinity swimming pool with panoramic views, cabana service, waterfall and sunken pool bar.

Time to set your out of office.

Feature Image: Green Bowl Beach | @travelinghawks

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